BMS Hybrid Learning Model

BMS Hybrid Learning Model

What does hybrid learning look like?


Similar to distance-learning, the hybrid model will include five days of learning for students. During each week, students will work in a variety of formats including live in-person learning, live distance learning via zoom, and asynchronous learning via Canvas. We will continue to use the same bell schedule on Wednesdays for distance learning and use a slightly modified version on the other days to best suit in-person learning.


In-Person Days (Typically Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday)

Homeroom has been moved towards the end of the day to allow for a more staggered start at the CS complex and to eliminate on class change (Homeroom classes are the same as 6th period in most cases) 

Period 1 - 8:39-9:26
Period 2 - 9:32 - 10:19
Period 3 - 10:25 - 11:12
Lunch/Recess - 11:12 - 11:59
Period 4 - 11:59 - 12:46
Period 5 - 12:52 - 1:39
Period 6 - 1:45 - 2:32
Homeroom - 2:32 - 2:47
Study Hall/ Music - 2:51 - 3:38

Distance Learning Days (Wednesday on 5 day weeks)     

Homeroom - 8:20-8:35
Period 1 -  8:39-9:26
Period 2 - 9:32-10:19

Period 3 - 10:25-11:12
Lunch -11:12-11:59
Period 4 - 11:59-12:46
Period 5 - 12:52-1:39

Period 6 -  1:45-2:32
Study Hall / Music 2:38-3:25

Homeroom remains at the start of the day as our first point of contact.                                                                                  

When will my child report to school?  What will they be doing on other days?                 

All students will be split into two groups based on alphabetical order or in some cases, administrative placement.  During a typical five day week, students with last names beginning with A-La will attend school in person on Mondays and Tuesdays, participate in live learning from home on Wednesdays and independent student work on Thursday and Friday.  Students with last names beginning with Le-Z will complete independent student work on Monday and Tuesday, participate in live learning from home on Wednesday, and attend school in person on Thursdays and Friday.                       

At home learning could include a combination of independent student tasks, recorded lessons, or live instruction lessons on occasion.  These days are meant to compliment the three days of synchronous learning, not replace it. Wednesdays will mirror the current structure in distance learning with all students participating each period through Zoom.


You can use this link to add the MS calendar to your gmail account or you can click here to view the calendar in a browser. (Students should use the first link). **Please note that MS “A days/ B days” is not the same as the district grouping of students (Group A, Group B).


What does “live learning” look like?  What is synchronous and asynchronous?             

Live learning may look different from discipline to discipline and classroom to classroom.  In some courses and on some days  students will participate in synchronous learning, when a teacher simultaneously instructs the students that are physically in the room and students at home through Zoom.  In other scenarios a teacher may choose to utilize asynchronous learning when students at home work independently while the teacher works directly with the students that are physically present.  Independent student work from home continues to look the same as it did during distance learning, continuing to move students forward in their learning as well as providing practice and enrichment opportunities.  


Attendance, Engagement & Grades            

Due to the importance of active engagement and participation, Bexley City Schools will track the attendance and engagement of students each day.  Attendance will be taken in each class period where they attend and participate in live learning, whether that takes place in person or at home through synchronous learning.  On days where students will be working independently within a specific class, their attendance will be monitored through their completing and turning in of assignments.  If students do not engage, the school team will convene to identify an intervention plan that will support the student in his/her courses. This plan may include an expectation that students who demonstrate a pattern of engaging only when in person attend school in person each day.                    

A strong desire to accommodate student needs during this challenging time still exists, even with the shift to hybrid learning.  We will continue to follow standards-based grading practices that report on what knowledge and skills students are demonstrating.  Additionally, students may still be assigned homework if the teacher deems it appropriate or if a student does not complete an assignment during class time.  

If your student is unable to “attend” for any reason, we need you to contact the office just as if they were sick or leaving for an appointment.  You can report any attendance information to [email protected] or by calling 614-237-4277.  Additionally, for any absences that are due to a medical appointment, please submit documentation of that appointment to the MS office as soon as possible for accuracy of records.  


Will my child require technology access in the building?        

At this time, we are hoping to limit the use of computers at school. This is from a practical standpoint of not requiring them to carry devices back and forth each time as well as wanting to capitalize on the in person time we have with students. Students will continue to be required to access Canvas routinely, especially at home.  Additionally, the Hybrid learning model heightens the need for students to continue to behave respectfully and responsibly in the online classroom and the physical classroom.


Will students be able to carry backpacks during the school day?    

Yes. Typically students are not able to carry backpacks to classrooms because of limitations on space. With only having half the students in at a time, this is no longer a concern. By not using lockers, we can limit congestion in the hallways.


How will my child access extra help?    

Teachers are available for help during study hall times, both in person and virtually. We will have a process for students to sign up and visit teachers during study hall that limits the number of students physically in each location. Students off campus can continue to access study hall links through each teacher’s Canvas page.


Please note that teachers will not be able to respond as quickly to emails from students at home while they are in-person with other students. Students are encouraged to use the resources they do have (Canvas, textbooks, peers). If they still need assistance, they can email but it may take teachers 48 hours to respond. Students are encouraged to log into a teacher’s study hall for help whenever possible.


How is Bexley Middle School mitigating risk?     

Start of day: Students will be assigned a door to enter in based on their first period class. We will provide maps and instructions prior to the start of hybrid. MS will enter the building starting at 8:34 am. This is after both HS and Cassingham have begun classes.                      

End of the day: Students will be assigned a door to exit based on their last period of the day. We will provide maps and instructions prior to the start of hybrid.                   

Class change: Where possible, we will utilize one way hallways and stairways. Maps will be provided prior to the start of hybrid learning.  Students should familiarize themselves with the directions of the hallways and plan their routes from class to class prior to the first day.  Additionally, students will not have access to lockers during the hybrid model.  This will help maintain a steady flow of traffic and prevent bunching of students.  Finally, students will utilize the restroom during class as opposed to between classes to prevent large groups of students from congregating in the bathrooms. We will provide maps and instructions prior to the start of hybrid.              

Restrooms: Once students have reported to class, they will have the ability to request a restroom pass. Even numbered classrooms will be able to use the restroom during the first half of the period and odd numbered the second half of the period. Restrooms have a marked capacity.              

Study Hall/ Band/ Choir/ Orchestra: Students are required to attend their 7th period on their in-person days and all-distance days (typically Wednesdays). We are exploring the possibility of a staggered release from Study Hall during should Hybrid continue into October and will share that update at that time.             

Lunch/ Recess:  Students will eat in two shifts, 7th and 8th grade first and 6th grade second. 6th grade students will go to recess first. When weather permits, students may also eat outside in the stadium. There will be playground equipment available to students and they must clean their hands before and after lunch/ recess. Students may not bring equipment from home. Each recess group (6th, 7/8th) will have their own set of equipment that will be wiped down between daily use.                   

While outside, if students are more than 6 feet apart and not physically interacting with others, they are permitted to remove their face covering.


What if my student is absent on one of their in-person days?       

For students who are absent from school, they would access their assignments through Canvas, just like when they missed prior to COVID. If they were well enough, they would still be able to join their live Zoom meetings on Wednesdays and complete their asynchronous work. It is likely that students will need to schedule a time (study hall, office hours, etc.) to meet with their teachers for additional information.


Middle School and High School Special Education                 

Students with an IEP will follow their assigned schedule (A-La, Le-Z). When in person, they will receive the face-to-face intervention based on their IEP                  

Remote learning days will consist of practice and assignments based on  IEP goals and objectives and services and may include a video or phone conference with the Intervention Specialist or other staff member based on student need.

*Special Education plans may vary based on individual needs.  Students who receive the majority of their instruction through an alternate curriculum or take the alternate assessment may attend the Learning Center on days opposite of their scheduled A/B days. 


Hybrid Learning Suggestions              

As we take this next step into the gradual re-entry to the school building, please remember that this is new for our teachers as well.  As they experiment with new technologies, processes and practices, the experience will continue to evolve.  Patience with them as they navigate juggling the online classroom, physical classroom, both spaces at once and the increase in electronic communication is imperative.


What can you do as a parent to support your child in this process?                 

  • Establish a consistent schedule for your student that carries over to the asynchronous days                    
  • Ensure your student has a quiet area to work, designated for school only, if possible.                    
  • Scheduling frequent breaks (time between classes, study hall, lunch, the end of the day, etc.)                        
  • Consistent communication between you and your student regarding their experience, successes and needs. 
  • Independent struggle is important.  The online learning experience is new to everyone and a certain amount of uneasiness navigating these challenges is realistic.  Adults helping too much may hinder the teacher’s ability to recognize a struggling learner, and in turn your child’s experience.                        
  • Positive parent attitudes will lead to positive student attitudes.  This is a new environment, so patience (technology may fail, assignments will close, links will go bad, etc.), flexibility, a positive attitude and modeling effective responses will go a long way. 
  •  If your child has a medical issue that challenges their ability to come back to school in the hybrid model, please reach out to your child's principal to discuss this medical issue.