BexleyConnect is an online platform that will enable Bexley adults to share their professional and personal experiences and affiliations with Bexley City Schools teachers and students. BexleyConnect gives students and staff access to the wealth of professional and personal expertise and social capital in our community, enabling us to expand learning beyond the classroom and capitalize on our community’s greatest resource: its people. 

Please click on the BexleyConnect link below and share your areas of professional and personal expertise. Teachers and students will use the community’s responses to identify potential guest speakers, field trip hosts, project coaches, consultants, mentors, internship hosts, and educational partners to support students’ learning. By participating in BexleyConnect, you will be taking an important step in preparing our students for a dynamic and changing world, empowering students with skills, knowledge, and access to professional networks that are vital for their future success. 

BexleyConnect enables adults to invest in the future of our young people. By honoring and capturing the expertise of our community, this platform will create opportunities for students’ deep exploration of educational and career interests. It will also enable community members to participate in the joyful act of teaching and learning.
Thank you in advance for clicking on the BexleyConnect link below and becoming an important part of our extended Bexley learning community.