Business Operations


At Bexley City Schools, the Business Operations office assists student learning and experiences by managing the ancillary support departments within the district. The goal of our work is to deliver service to our customers that will make them proud of our facilities, processes, and people.  

The department is responsible for the following areas:

• Buildings & Grounds
• Student Nutrition
• Safety & Security
• Transportation 
• Purchasing
• Facilities Management

Expanded Transportation Options

Board Policy EEA includes the following:  "District students in grades K-8 are permitted to be transported to the District elementary schools and the middle school on existing bus routes scheduled to transport special education students provided the needs of special education students are maintained and not interrupted. Transportation services will be provided to the District’s regular education K-8 students only if no additional costs are incurred by the District. 

"The District will provide transportation when practical for eligible students in grades K-8 who attend community, STEM and private schools in compliance with State law when practical. When transportation for any student in grades K-8 who attend [sic] community, STEM, and private schools is not practical by any means approved by State law, the Board may resolve to declare transportation impractical and offer the student payment in lieu of transportation.

When the District establishes a bus route to transport District students in grades K-8 to community, STEM, and private schools, then students in grades 9-12 are permitted to be transported on a space-available basis. Transportation services will be provided to the 9-12 students only if no additional costs are incurred by the District. The time, distance, or number of stops to transport the additional 9-12 students requesting transportation to community, STEM, and private schools shall not be increased."  For complete Board Policy EEA, visit Board of Education page for policy download.

Two forms must be completed and returned to the Central Office (348 South Cassingham Road) within two weeks after the first day of the school the student attends:

Facilities Available

Two theaters serving the entire community are located in the Cassingham Complex. Bexley's track and two fields with synthetic turf playing surfaces are shared by community groups like Bexley Recreation, the Jewish Community Center and Capital University. Facilities also include a Community Room, black box theater, music rehearsal spaces, photo darkroom and more. For information about renting Bexley Schools facilities, please consult the Building Use Guidelines and Building Use Form. To learn whether a room or space is being used on a particular date, please check the Facilities Calendar.

Safety and Security

The Bexley City School District has a number of features in place in each building to maintain students' safety including:
  • Requirement that staff members wear identification tags at all times when students are present
  • Visitor identification name tags issued when visitors register at the main entrance of the building
  •  Identisys TPASSK12 system and check-in procedures requiring all visitors to the schools to swipe into tracking system software using a government issued photo state ID. Military IDs and passport IDs do not workr driver's license. 
The district works closely with the Bexley Police Department on crisis planning measures. School principals frequently review with their staffs procedures for the drills or threats for situations such as lock downs, bomb threats, bio threat, fire and tornado drills. Bexley Schools' Crisis Plan includes procedures for each of these, as well as a Pandemic Influenza Plan. The district conducts regular safety audits. 

Business Manager

John Eikenberry John Eikenberry holds a Business Manager License issued by the Ohio Department of Education. Eikenberry is  a resident of Bexley and a graduate of the University of Dayton with a B.S.B.A. in Management and has worked in the areas of procurement and production planning for various manufacturing suppliers.