Logging In to Distance Learning

We are excited to begin distance learning with our students on Monday, March 30th.
In order to access to the distance learning resources in our Bexley Online Learning Hub:
  1. Be sure that your child is logged in Google. There are a few ways you can do this:
    1. You can go to google.com, click on account and sign in. You can also do this by going to gmail.com and logging in your school email.
    2. Username: [email protected]
    3. Passwords should be B123456# (the 123456 represents your child's lunch/student number)
      1. If you can't login  or are unsure of your child's password, please reach out to his/her teacher.
  2.  Once your child is logged into Google, you will be able to access the resources provided through your school’s Online Learning Hub. We have provided the link to your school’s Online Learning Hub below or you can access this link through the homepage of your school’s website.
    1.  Cassingham - https://bex.fyi/cs-online
    2. Maryland -  https://bex.fyi/md-online
    3. Montrose -  https://bex.fyi/mt-online
  3.  Once your child has accessed the school’s Online Learning Hub, he/she should click on the relevant grade level button. This will provide access to a daily learning plan.
  4.  Students will also click on their teacher’s page tab (on the grade level site) to see a daily message from them!
  5.  Remember, your student should click on the grade level site AND their teacher’s page tab daily.