• Mission, Vision & Strategic Priorities 


    A community of learners becoming
    productive global citizens and leaders


    Bexley City Schools values a warm, safe and nurturing learning environment for children and adults, characterized by an appreciation for the culture, achievements, accomplishments, challenges, and struggles of all people.

    We have a deep and abiding respect for individuals and their learning.  We will foster innovation, initiative, leadership, creativity and respect for diversity.

    We expect the highest level of quality to exist throughout the school system and will involve students, staff and community in the implementation of continuous improvement processes and research-supported best practices.  We will employ innovative and creative methods to maintain and acquire resources to support the District’s strategic direction.


    Instructional and Extracurricular Programs: The Bexley City School District will maintain comprehensive instructional and extracurricular programs to ensure that students are successful in an internationally connected and changing world.  All of Bexley City Schools’ programs will be programs of distinction.

    Social/Emotional Development:  The Bexley City School District will create learning environments to support the social and emotional health of its community members.  We will care for ourselves, others and the environment through individual and collective efforts.

    Readiness for Lifelong Learning: The Bexley City School District will provide instructional and extracurricular programs to ensure that all students grow, acquiring the necessary skills to thrive as they make transitions in school and in life in the 21st century.

    Professional Development: The Bexley City School District will continuously provide professional development to increase the capacity for all staff to support high quality professional practices that best meet students’ needs.  Professional development will be delivered by faculty and staff with support from higher education or professional organizations associated with the implementation of best practices.

    Technology: The Bexley City School District will create a systemic environment where all teachers voluntarily and continuously improve teacher and learning practices through the use of emerging technologies.

    Facilities: The Bexley City School District will operate according to a comprehensive building and maintenance plan providing exceptional facilities that support high quality learning.

    CS Complex
    The Bexley City School District initially developed its mission, vision and strategic priorities in 2001, upon the arrival of Superintendent Mike Johnson.
    In 2007 - 2008, the community reviewed and revised the original document to reflect its current concerns. Some 378 residents and staff members expressed their views and priorities in 18 small group meetings over a several-month period.  The Bexley Board of Education reviewed and revised the proposed policy in late 2008 and adopted the current language in February 2009.