Credit Flexibility

The Credit Flexibility Program is a means of earning course credit in a manner other than sitting in a traditional classroom setting. Credit flexibility may include testing out of a course, or engaging in educational options, such as distance learning (online), educational travel, independent study, internship, mentorship, project portfolio, study abroad program, or a tutoring program. Additionally, the program can be utilized for students who; (1) need to complete credit recovery coursework towards graduation, (2) wish to progress more quickly through the curriculum to pursue advanced coursework, or (3) may benefit from a different type of learning mode.

PLEASE NOTE: as of June 1, 2022 all Credit Flexibility course work follows the standard letter grade scale (A-F) and will be calculated into the student's cumulative grade point average.

Students interested in pursuing the opportunity should carefully review the Credit Flexibility Guidebook and are strongly encouraged to meet with their School Counselor to discuss the program, benefits and drawbacks and determine next steps in the process.

All Credit Flexibility coursework requests must be submitted online using the Application and Action Plan for Credit Flexibility Coursework Form.

Board of Education Approved Programs

More Information

For additional information and resources, please contact your School Counselor.

Sol Bowling
Secretary & Registrar
(614) 231-4591 ext 4194 & 4193

If your questions are in regards to the State of Ohio regulations, program rules and policies, please contact our Director of Curriculum & Gifted Education, Dr. Shirley Hamilton ([email protected]).