Elementary Hybrid

Elementary Hybrid Learning Model

Did you complete your annual student information verification?

If you have not completed this information for the 2020-2021 school year, please do so by accessing this link: https://bexley.powerschool.com/public/home.html. Students will be coming back into the buildings and it is imperative that we have current contact information for parents/guardians. If you need assistance, please contact our school secretaries or counselors.

What does hybrid learning look like?

Similar to distance-learning, the hybrid model will include the five days of learning overarching philosophy. This philosophy includes an understanding that learning occurs each day and can be facilitated directly by a teacher (live learning) or through independent student work.  Our current plan is that students will come to school in person two days a week and will learn at home three days a week. All students will be learning from home on Wednesdays. There will be three days of learning with direct instruction from the teacher and two days of more independent learning and practice. Each day, assignments will be posted in Google Classroom at 8 a.m.

We do ask that you be aware that guidance from the CDC as well as Franklin County Public Health continues to evolve and change.  It is possible our hybrid plans could adjust in accordance with their guidance.

When will my child report to school?  What will they be doing on other days?

If your child is in hybrid group A, they will come to school in person on Mondays and Tuesdays.  If your child is in hybrid group B, they will come to school in person on Thursdays and Fridays.  All students will learn from home on Wednesdays. This will change for shortened weeks.

For four day weeks, we will have AA,BB days (The week of Sept. 28, for example, hybrid group A will come to school on Tuesday and Wednesday and hybrid group B will come on Thursday and Friday.)

For a two day week, (Thanksgiving week for example), hybrid group A will come on Monday and hybrid group B will come on Tuesday.

Principals will include a weekly reminder calendar in their Sunday newsletters. You can also check Bexley’s Hybrid calendar for details of which day between September and December 2020. 

Google Classroom will continue to be the platform for determining assignments while your child is working from home. Each day there will be a Google Form for your child to fill out indicating which assignments they have completed. This is also a place to indicate questions or concerns if your child did not understand an assignment or needs additional support. Unlike during Distance Learning, daily videos will not be posted.

What does “live learning” look like?  What is synchronous and asynchronous?

Most of a student’s day for at home learning will consist of independent work in each of the curricular areas with teachers placing assignments and directions in Google Classroom. 

Attendance and Engagement

Due to the importance of active engagement and participation, Bexley City Schools will track the attendance and engagement of students each day. On days where students will be working from home, their attendance will be monitored through turning in assignments and completing a daily Google Form. In this form, children will indicate exactly which assignments they have completed. If students do not engage in remote learning, the school team will convene to identify an intervention plan that will support the student and family.

If your student is unable to “attend” for any reason, we need you to contact the office just as if they were sick or leaving for an appointment. We expect that parents will notify the school office by 9:00 a.m. if a child will not be attending school, whether that is in person or remotely. Additionally, for any absences that are due to a medical appointment, please submit documentation of that appointment to the school secretary as soon as possible for accuracy of records.  

What if my child has been exposed to COVID-19 and needs to quarantine?  How will they access learning?

For students who are absent from school, they would access their assignments through Google Classroom. This would mirror our practice when students miss currently. On Wednesdays, students could join their peers through Zoom.  If they need additional support to understand content or assignments, they would be encouraged to reach out to teachers to connect via email or during a teacher's planning time.

How will my child access extra help?

The two days of in-school learning will be designed to meet students' individual needs.  Students who need help while at home can communicate with their teacher via email and report their work each day using the teacher’s Google form.

What if my child receives special education services?

  • Elementary Special Education: Students with an IEP will follow their assigned A/B schedule. *

    • When in person they will receive the face to face intervention based on their IEP 

    • Remote learning days will consist of practice and assignments based on IEP goals and objectives and services

    • Intervention specialists will connect with students at home based on their individual IEP.

*Special Education plans may vary based on individual needs.  Students who receive the majority of their instruction through an alternate curriculum or take the alternate assessment may be attending the Learning Center on days opposite of their scheduled A/B days.  Specific schedules will be communicated from your child’s Intervention Specialist. 

How are our elementary schools mitigating risk?  
Arrival/Dismissal: Each school has an individual plan to limit the number of children arriving and entering the school building at the same space. These plans will be shared by each building principal and through classroom teachers.  

Classrooms:  Each classroom has created seating arrangements for students so that we are able to maintain 6 feet of social distancing. All classrooms have hand sanitizer available so that kids can “wash in/wash out” upon entering and leaving the classroom. Some classrooms also have sinks and soap as well. All classes have cleaning supplies for the teachers to use and classrooms will be sanitized daily by our custodial teams.

One Way Hallway Traffic Patterns:  Traffic flow and patterns are established and will be  communicated by building principals. Teachers will share our new building routes with students. To prevent hallway congregations, students will not have access to hallway lockers during the hybrid model; coats and backpacks will be stored in the child's area of the classroom. 

Masks:  All staff and students (except those with a medical reason) will wear masks while in the school building.  

Lunch:  Students will eat lunch in their classroom.  Whenever the weather permits, we will have lunch outside; a towel or sit-upon could be handy. The cafeteria will be offering a hot lunch each day and you can find the menu here.  Children will place their lunch order in the morning and the lunch will be delivered to class.  

Food services will still be delivering breakfast and meals to homes just as they did during remote learning. Please see the food service website for details. Food Services

We encourage students, if possible, to go home for lunch just as they have in the past. If you plan for your child to come home for lunch, please notify the teacher ahead of time with written communication (email is preferable) and copy our school secretaries.  This information should be given to teachers each day a child is leaving for lunch.  If your child will be coming home every day for lunch and not just occasionally, then a written communication indicating that can be sent to the teacher and secretary when we return to school for hybrid.  

School Secretaries:

Cassingham: [email protected] 

Maryland: [email protected] 

Montrose: [email protected]

If you pack lunch for your child, please be sure that your child can open the items in their lunchbox by themselves. This includes containers, juice boxes (i.e. poking straws through Capri Suns), Gogurts, etc. 

Recess:  We will have scheduled recess times and the experience will be different than it has been in the past. Students and teachers will be masked while outside on recess. We will maintain social distancing protocols during recess and keep classes separate from one another.  

Hybrid Learning Suggestions

As we take this next step into the gradual re-entry to the school building, we expect your children may need to build new stamina. Being in school, with new expectations and experiences will be challenging for children.  We will be here to provide care and support as we experience school in these new ways.  

Remember that this is new for our teachers as well.  As they experiment with new technologies, processes and practices, your child’s experience will continue to evolve and improve. Be patient with them as they instruct and support students across in person learning and remote learning.