Montrose Counselor Corner

Physically Distant But All Together. We've Got This Montrose!

Welcome to my Distance Learning Resource Site For Parents!

While our school is closed, I  want you to know that I am available to you and your children.  While we are not able to meet face to face, I can email with you or your student, talk via phone, through email or google meet. I can also link you with outside resources. These can include mental health, well being, food and other resources.  Please check back frequently as I will continue to update resources including mini lessons for anxiety, tattling, and other topics your family might be experiencing. All my resources can be found below. Please stay healthy and well balanced- Mrs. Hipsley

**** Please note emails and calls are NOT for crisis or emergencies****

For non-emergencies.

  • I  will  be checking  my emails frequently throughout the day during the hours of 8a-4p.  I will have “office hours” between 9-11 Monday through Friday. During this time  I am available to chat with you via email, phone, or schedule a time to meet virtually via google meet.

  • You can also set up an individual time that I can call you.  I will work with you via email to find a convenient time to call.  Please note that when I call, my number will show on your caller id as “Blocked Number” or “Potential Spam”.  

If  you are in crisis or having an emergency:

  • You need to see or talk to someone right away please contact this number 1-614-722-1800 Nationwide Children's Hospital Crisis Hotline,  or you can text “HOME” to  741741. These are both options at any time of the day, 24/7/365. If you are having an emergency call 911.

Does your child want to do a check in or request to talk?  

Please use this form Mrs. Hipsley Check In/ Request to Talk

Click on the link to access the resource. 

 Additional resources will be added so keep checking back!

The Imagine Neighborhood-Podcast for families designed to help children and grown-ups build their social-emotional skills. 

Mind Yeti Fifteen  mindfulness program sessions  free for anyone to use. For educators and families to do alongside younger children, or for older children to do on their own, Mind Yeti provides a great way for everyone to practice mindfulness during this difficult time..

Calm- (Free content) Enjoy this curation of content hand-picked to support your mental and emotional wellness through this time.

Community Resources for Families-list of food pantries, utility information and so much more.

Parents-Taking Care of Yourself 

Youth-Strategies to help your Youth

Manage Anxiety and Stress (CDC)

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty (AFSP)

Coping with COVID-19 Anxiety

Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus): A Parent Resource

Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus

Mrs. Hipsley’s Mini Lessons- (coming soon)