ADAMH Tip of the Month

The opiate epidemic in Ohio is a serious issue that must be addressed. Although it may be difficult to talk to your child about opiates, including prescription drugs, it is a necessary step in protecting them.
Start Talking!, a program aimed at preventing drug abuse among children, created a powerful video about the impact of prescription drugs on the community and how to help your children.
Bexley Schools supports initiatives that promote and support a safe, welcoming and inclusive school community. It calls on students, parents and the greater community to participate as active contributors in a well environment for the growth, learning and success of all students. The district has presented the Signs of Suicide Prevention Program (SOS), the parent/guardian part of a school-based mental health program designed to help students identify signs of depression, self-injury, and suicide in themselves and others, and teach them how to respond effectively.
For more information, contact Leisan C. Smith, Bexley's Director Student and Community Engagement.