Special Education

The structure and delivery of all special education programs is strictly governed by federal and state law, as well as federal, state, and local policies and procedures. Special education programs are designed for those with a specifically documented disability that has a significant and adverse effect on the ability to learn. Eligible students are provided with a free appropriate public education. Intervention in general education as well as small group and learning center settings are available in each of the district's buildings.

Additional levels and types of supports are provided students with low-incidence disabilities or significant challenges, such as blindness, deafness, or significantly sub-average intellectual (IQ) levels, or with combinations of disabilities. While the district provides for the education of all its students, not all special education programming is provided within the district's buildings. The district does pay for the program, provide transportation, and monitor the effectiveness of each of these programs.

Each year, some eleven percent of Bexley's student population is served in accordance with these laws and procedures. The district's program is guided by a Special Education services plan that is approved annually by committees of parents and district staff members.

Resource Library

The Adam Stuart Linhart Memorial Resource Library contains reference and informational materials that are available to all staff and parents. A list of holdings can be accessed on the Resources page.
For More Information: 
Ms. Sam McMillan, Parent Mentor
(614) 237-4309, extension 3238

Parent Mentor Program

Bexley's Parent Mentor is available as a resource to the families of children with learning challenges. The Parent Mentor is knowledgeable regarding special education law and is able to serve as an advocate for special needs students. The position is funded by a state grant with additional support through the Adam Stuart Linhart Foundation. The Parent Mentor can be called upon to:
  • Support families facing educational challenges from ages three to graduation
  • Provide information and guide families through the process of identifying special needs
  • Share problem-solving information
  • Attend school meetings with the parent
  • Be a liaison between the school and parent if needed
  • Explore community resources & special education preschool options
  • Share a community Tutor List
  • Make resource materials available from the Adam Stuart Linhart Memorial Parent/Teacher Resource Library
  • All Parent Mentor services are provided free of charge

For More Information: 
Ms. Sam McMillan, Parent Mentor
(614) 237-4309, extension 3238


Special Education tutoring resources are available. 
For More Information: 
Ms. Sam McMillan, Parent Mentor
(614) 237-4309, extension 3238

Director of Special Education

Samantha McMasters Samantha McMasters
Bexley City School District
348 South Cassingham Road Bexley, Ohio 43209
(614) 231-7611 ext. 4315

Ms. McMasters joined the Bexley City School District in August 2014, after serving as the Director Special Education of the New Albany Plain Local Schools. She has 19 years of experience in Special Education as a teacher, coordinator and director. She holds a B.S. degree in Special Education from Ohio State University and an M.Ed in Literacy from Ashland University. Ms. McMasters formerly served as Director of Student Services for Granville Exempted Village Schools.

Special Education Parent Teacher Organization

The Special Education PTO (formerly known as SNPTO) is a valuable partner in meeting the needs of students with disabilities, holding regular board meetings, an annual general informational meeting and special events. Members of the group disseminate relevant information to parents, serve as mentors to parents of newly identified children and plan informational opportunities.   Parents/guardians of any Bexley students are invited to attend any Special Education PTO event.