Bexley Lions: Boys Basketball
Coach Contact Information

Bexley High School
Todd Phillips (Varsity Head Coach)

Brycen Baugh (Junior Varsity Coach)

Pete Liptrap (Assistant Varsity Coach)

David Leland (Freshman Coach)

Bexley Middle School 

Rich Gatterdam (Eighth Grade Head Coach) 
Mark Lytle (Seventh Grade Head Coach)
Program Resources 
Coach Philosophy
Bexley's boys’ basketball program is intended to be a positive experience for all players who participate. Our philosophy is based on providing a high quality, competitive, hard-working, and character-driven program. The “team” is foremost over the individual and each player will be responsible to exhibit this quality at home, in practice and in games. All student athletes will:
  • Conduct themselves in a way that will bring honor to their families, our program and Bexley High School
  • Perform at the highest level in the classroom at practice, games, and on campus
  • Place the goals of the team above individual desires.
  • In our basketball family, we will adhere to the following tenets.
  • We will have AMBITION toward a noble goal. 
  • We will have ADAPTABILITY in any presented situation. 
  • We will possess RESOURCEFULNESS to aid in our judgment. 
  • Our determined effort will be governed by our inner FIGHT. 
  • We need to stand close with FAITH, to help us through our challenges. 
  • We need to show SINCERITY for our circles of friends. 
  • Our HONESTY must shine through in both words and our actions. 
  • Our RELIABILITY will help us to create respect. 
  • Our INTEGRITY and purity of intention is essential. 
  • We will have PATIENCE; good things take time.

Head Coach Bio
An English teacher at Bexley High School, Todd Phillips is in his second season as boys' basketball head coach. He previously served on the faculty and as head basketball coach at Franklin Heights High School in the South-Western school district. He has led programs at Watkins Memorial in Pataskala and Whetstone High School in Columbus City Schools.
Schedule Information

OHSAA contest and practice schedules:

Summer Camp

Bexley Youth Basketball Camp
Dates:  Wed - Sat May 31 - Jun 3
Location:  BHS Gym

Rising 3 - 5 Graders from 8:00 to 11:00am
Rising 6 - 8 Graders from Noon to 3:00pm
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Todd Phillips

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