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    The Association for Middle Level Education and International Baccalaureate both identify a focus on the whole child as a key component to developing well-rounded, well-educated, successful, and happy middle school students. Bexley City Schools and Bexley Middle School wholeheartedly embrace this philosophy and seek to support developmentally appropriate ways to help students and families reach these goals inside and outside of the school building.

    The following resources are available to students and families as needed. In addition, in most cases, BMS staff members can help answer questions and connect families with resources. Contact school counselor Tara Louys about needs that impact a student or family. 

    Loss of Friend/ Family Member
    The following tips may help teachers and students when this circumstance arises:
    • Be prepared to talk about the loss. It is better for staff to be proactive and inform students about the sad news, to discuss, as this gives classmates permission to talk about it, too, letting them know the adults/teachers in the building care.  No one should be anxious about not having all the answers.
    • The class may want to send a card or create a personalized card, a great way to show care and concern for the student and his or her family. 
    • Listen
    • Do not attempt to take grief away.
    • ​Grieving is a process, not an event - it's hard work.
    • ​Hearing about a classmates’ loss of a friend/ family member may bring about students' fears of losing their own friends or family members. It may pull up old emotions of others who have died.
    • ​Students who are struggling may come to the office to see a counselor
    • ​Grief reactions among adolescents are influenced by their developmental level, personal characteristics, mental health, family, cultural influences and previous exposure to death and loss - no two people grieve the same way, and that is okay.
    Student Financial Need 
    No student should be denied full participation in school based sport, club, activity or experience due to financial need. Organizations such as BMS PTO and DARN provide scholarships, school supplies, and other assistance so that students can fully participate. Those with a need should notify Mrs. Louys, Mr. Caudill, Ms. Taylor, or the program adviser so that the school can help in a confidential manner.

    Ms. Tara Louys
    Middle School Counselor 
    Bexley Middle School
    300 South Cassingham Road
    Bexley, Ohio 43209
    (614) 237-4277 ext. 3120
    Links and Resources

     Books for Parents

    • The Everything Tween Book: A Parent's Guide to Surviving the Turbulent Pre-Teen Years by Linda Sonna
    • The Rollercoaster Years by Charlene C. Gianneti
    Books for Students
    • Too Old for This, Too Young for That: Your Survival Guide for the Middle School Years by Harriet S. Mosatche
    • How I Survived Middle School by Nancy Krulik 
    • Middle School: The Real Deal - From Cafeteria Food to Combination Locks by Juliana Farrell
    • Middle School is Worse than Meatloaf: A Year Told Through Stuff by Jennifer L. Holm and Elicia Castaldi
    • Help! I'm in Middle School...How will I Survive? by Merry L. Gumm 
    The mission of the Children’s Advocacy Project for Kids (CAP4Kids) is to help bridge the gap between the many quality social service agencies in the community and the families that need their help the most. The project seeks to empower and inform those who care for children, furnishing the tools necessary to connect families in need to the appropriate social service agencies that serve them.
    Huck House
    Huck House provides support and resources to teens and families in crisis:  http://www.huckhouse.org

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