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    AP, Battelle for Kids, Assessment for Learning
    Mission is: To combine efforts with home and community to graduate students who are prepared for post-high school education and careers. An emphasis on academic excellence and integrity in a supportive environment fosters graduates who demonstrate respectful attitudes, the ability to apply technology, problem-solving skills, effective communications skills, civic and personal responsibility and life-long learning.
    AP Advanced Placement Program 
    Bexley High School has defined the expansion of Advanced Placement (AP) as a building improvement goal and, in 2004, began requiring students to take the AP exam at the end of the course.  Research shows that students who take AP courses are better prepared for the college experience and AP typically serves as a measure of curriculum standards for college readiness.  Last year, 98 percent of Bexley graduates matriculated to college.   
    BHS offers 22 of the rigorous, college prep AP courses in a variety of content areas:  Language and Composition, Literature and Composition, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics I, Physics II, Environmental Science, American History, European History, World History, Psychology, U.S. Government and Politics, Computer Science, Spanish, French, Latin, Art History, Studio Art and Music Theory.  
    Currently, for many BHS students, AP is something you “just do in high school.” Many Bexley teachers participate in local and national professional development around AP, attending workshops, conferences, scoring AP exams and presenting.
    Battelle for Kids  
    SOAR is a school improvement collaborative designed to accelerate student progress and achievement through partnerships with actively engaged districts interested in generating and supporting student growth and improving teaching.  Drawing on research from the SOAR collaborative, the high school uses key strategies in the pursuit of accelerating student success.  Read more:  Five Strategies for Creating a High-Growth School

    SOAR districts and educators believe:

    • Student growth is the driver of change and the metric for success
    • Transformation requires that leaders buy-in and own the work
    • High expectations for all students is a centerpiece for all stakeholders
    • 2012 SOAR Cohort 
    Assessment for Learning
    This is an approach to formative assessment that shows how having access to more-frequent evidence of student mastery and knowledge of standards misses the potential of formative constructive thinking towards student achievement. The AFL approach utilizes different assessment methods to provide students, teachers, specialist intervention teachers and parents with continual evidence, documenting a student's progress in mastering the required knowledge or skills that underpin the goals around achievement. Teachers communicate frequently with students to set the expectations, so students understand what they are expected to learn at the outset and are able to adapt as they progress through the program of content adjusting their progress as needed.
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    For more information about the Bexley High School's best practices, contact:
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