School Counseling

Bexley High School seeks to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program addressing the academic, career and personal/social development of all students. A district-wide counseling plan guides the program. Some of the academic supports and programs available to BHS students are listed on a page titled How We Support Students.  The November 2016 BHS Counseling Department presentation to the Bexley Board of Education can be viewed here.

Current Announcements & Important Dates

Graduation Requirements
Please click on this link to learn about requirement for the class of 2018 and beyond. A video about the graduation requirements is available also.
Educational Options
The Educational Options program brings educators, students, parents and others together to provide opportunities for students to learn in an independent or individual setting based on the student's academic goals and/or need for flexibility with their schedule. Educational Options programs can include distance learning, educational travel, independent study, internship, mentorship, project portfolio, study abroad program or a tutoring program.

Students interested in pursuing an Educational Options program should meet with his/her assigned school counselor to discuss the option and next steps if they decide to move forward and submit a proposal and request. The school counselor can provide information on how to formally submit a request using the online Educational Options Form.  Read more here: 
 Ohio Department of Education Credit Flexibility
Mental Health Professionals
A team of Nationwide Children’s Hospital mental health professionals is available to help Bexley students K - 12, as supported by a grant from ADAMH (Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board of Franklin County). Two clinicians are based at the Cassingham Complex during regular school hours, handling workshops, drug and alcohol prevention education and other counseling duties.

For more information about this support or to seek a referral, see a school counselor or health clinic or office staff member.
College and Career Readiness
Click on either of the following links to learn more about how the School Counselors support Bexley students in learning more about individual interests, abilities and skill sets:
Emergency Resources
 24-hour Teen Suicide Hotline
(614) 294-3300
(614) 293-8205
Huck House - for Youth in Crisis
(614) 294-5553
Lancaster Crisis Intervention
(740) 687-8255
Nationwide Children's Hospital Emergency Department
(614) 722-2000
 SARNCO Rape & Assault Helpline
(24-hour) (614) 267-7020
School Counselors
David Leland Counselor 
For students whose last names begin with A - L
(614) 231-4591 ext 4190
Carrie Washburn Counselor
for students whose last names begin with M - Z
(614) 231-4591
Sarah Lynch Secretary/Registrar
(614) 231-4591