Close Contact and Quarantine Update

We appreciate your patience, support, and cooperation as we continue to adjust to our ever-changing world during the pandemic.

Current public health guidelines utilize different quarantine protocols for students based upon whether they are vaccinated. However, as of October 13th, House Bill 244 requires that public schools not treat students differently based upon vaccination status.  
To meet these legal obligations and cooperate with local health departments to prevent and control pandemics, we must alter our process to ensure we comply with the new legal requirements. As a result, we have updated our communication that families receive if their student is identified as a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case. You can view our updated
close contact letter here. Along with that notification, families will receive a letter from Franklin County Public Health outlining their guidelines for quarantine.
We expect to receive updated guidance from public health officials now that this new law is in effect. We do not know when that will be but pledge to keep you informed of any changes to procedures as a result of any new guidelines received.

Our goal remains to allow students to stay in school and receive in-person instruction from our exceptional teachers while also being cared for by our exceptional support staff. We will continue to monitor our data and follow those procedures to keep our schools as safe and healthy as possible for staff and children.
Dr. Jason Fine, Superintendent