April 29-May 3 Updates

Playground Olympics

This week I had the chance to talk with Adam and Elijah, two 4th grade students who are concerned about students having safe and fun choices to make on our playground.  We'll be working together to develop the idea of Playground Olympics over our final weeks of school and into next school year.  The idea is to feature a different game each week, highlight the fun it can be and how to play on our morning news show and provide the equipment and some tips for playing on the playground.  This week, we'll review How to Playground, our expectations for the fabulous playground equipment.  Next week, look for an announcment here regarding the game we'll be highlighting!  Thanks for an amazing brainstorming session, Adam and Elijah and your concern for safe and fun play on our playground!  

BEF's Celebration of the Arts

The Bexley Education Foundation invites all Bexley school community members to attend a Celebration of the Arts on Wednesday, May 8 at 7:00pm in the BHS Schottenstein Theatre. BEF is marking the 15-year anniversary of the dedication of the theater and the completion of the $2.1 million Campaign for the Performing Arts. The event is free and will feature student performances and recognition of the 2019 Bexley Educator of the Year and the recipient of the Linda Kass Excellence in Education Award. Light refreshments will follow.

Attempt to speed up cafe service

Julianna Carvi, Director of Food Services, is planning for the installation of a new method for payment in our cafeterias to speed up the process for everyone.   In an effort to best move our students through the lunch line and we are going to be installing biometric readers at the cafeteria registers across the district. They will take thumbprint scans, but we will not be storing finger prints of the students. Please read the attached document to better understand how they convert points of the prints into a series of digits that are associated with the students’ accounts. The devise will not be storing prints.  

Enrollment for 19-20

 If you if know of families who plan to register children of any age, please send them to our district website to get the process started:   https://www.bexleyschools.org/studentregistration.aspx

Additionally, if your family is planning to move and withdraw your children from our school, please give our office a call.  

Several items of note from the Cassingham library

OVERDUE BOOKS. Please help your child check at home for any overdue or missing books from the Cassingham & Middle School library. If a book cannot be found, you are asked to replace it with an equivalent copy (title and usually hard cover format). Please contact Dr. Kuder (email below) if you need more information.

SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR. The annual Scholastic Book Fair is scheduled for the week of May 6-10th.  Your child will get a chance to preview books on one day and then have a second day to buy. There also will be time before and after school to come in with your child to make purchases, as well as on the Art Hop evening. This year there is going to be a digital purchasing option in addition to the traditional cash option. A reminder and more information will be coming home soon from your child’s homeroom teacher. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Kristin Harpe ([email protected]).

STEM SUPPORT.  If you would like to know how you can help support STEM in Cassingham, please send me an email: [email protected]. Thanks!


News from Mr. Pinciotti & Mr. Manchester

It’s almost here….  2018-2019 Art Hop will be May 9th!!! Our flyer is attached to this message.  

5:30  - Food trucks will be out in front of the school ready to serve food

6:00 – Opening ceremony in the Cassingham Theater 

All are welcome to hear and see We Are Cassingham!

6:00-7:30 – Art Hop across the building, Musical Performances on the lawn,  and Book Fair in the library

The final OST tests will be taken this week: 3rd Grade Mathematics

  • Monday, April 29: Part 1, Grade 3
  • Tuesday, April 30: Part 2, Grade 3

Make-Up Science and Math Tests: April 12-May 2