VIDEO: Moose Trail to Montrose

The community gathered for a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, for Moose Trail to Montrose.
"It's just a safer route for not only school kids going to school but for all community members," Mark Subel said. "I have seen it within the last couple of days, more people using it, more people feeling safe, cars slowing down, and that's really the purpose of it."
Subel, along with other people who live near Montrose Elementary School, were the ones who organized a city approved plan to paint the crosswalks and alleys leading to Montrose Elementary School. 
"They did a wonderful job," Melissa Klosterman-Lando, Montrose Elementary School principal, said. "It has been the most amazing thing to see our community come together and support our school." 
Emily Reiser, Montrose Elementary art teacher, along with other Bexley artists helped create the design of the project  
A grant for the project was provided by the Bexley Community Foundation. The City of Bexley, Montrose Elementary, The Bexley Public Library, and the South Bexley Neighborhood Association all either provided and/or expressed support for the plan. 
For more information and photos on the project visit Moose Trail to Montrose, Alley & Street Painting in Bexley Facebook page.