VIDEO: Flex Period

Flex Period allows choice in Bexley Middle School students' day, and they love it.
"It kind of gives you time to relax and try new things," sixth-grade student Constance said.
"It is fun to go to the activites that you really enjoy," seventh-grade student Holden said. "Also, it gives you an extra study hall if you need to work on something."
This is the second year of Flex Period being full implemented into the Bexley Middle School schedule.
"Flex Period is a chance for kids to make choice in their day, to pick things and explore things they might be interested in," Bexley Middle School Principal Jason Caudill said. "It's also a time if students and teachers need to work together, either students can request that help or teachers can request students."
Students have many options to fill their Flex Period. They can try things such as baton twirling or yoga and meditation. They also have the option to play kickball or other fun games in the gym. Spending time doing art related projects is popular, too. The Bexley Educaion Foundation helped with funding for various activities.
"For Flex, we were like that's so cool," sixth-grade student Charlotte while in baton twirling. "We were like I never done that before and it sounded like fun."
"It comes at a time in their life where they want to try a bunch of different things without having to make a real long-term commitment to it." Caudill said. "We feel it fits an essential need of a student this age."