VIDEO: Roar Store

 Bexley High School entrepreneurship students receive "real-world" lessons through the high school's entrepreneurship course. 

"There's some experiential learning, experience outside of a traditional classroom," Bexley High School Teacher Matt Green said. "With the amount of students we have who go on and pursue various business opportunities, the idea was we wanted to give what that experience was like." 

Any duty that is apart of running a business, these students are responsible for - opening and closing, transactions, inventory, advertising, and maintenance. Students said this is giving them good experience for their futures.

“This year I am taking entrepreneurship because I am looking to run a few businesses as I grow up,” senior Noah Meyer said.

"I want to go into some sort of business post-high school, so I thought getting a head start would be good,” senior Megan Gould said.

“It’s really teaching them how to be independent in a work environment where they have ownership, where they have stake in it,” Green said.