Explorations in Neuroscience High School Camp, June 3-7

The Explorations in Neuroscience High School Camp is hosted by the Department of Neuroscience at The Ohio State University.  This camp is designed for high school-juniors and seniors who have an interest in learning more about the Central Nervous System with an emphasis on the brain and spinal cord.  Students will attend presentations that introduce them to the structure of the mammalian brain.  Comparisons between various species will be demonstrated.  Students will have hands-on experience in examining a human brain and spinal cord.  Correlative information on the function of various brain regions will be presented and discussed. Students also will rotate through different research labs during the week to observe how neuroscience research is conducted and to discuss a career in neuroscience with graduate students and faculty in the labs.  In addition, they will participate in relevant clinical sessions to demonstrate how neurological function is correlated with the structure and function of various regions of the brain.  Students will learn through a variety of approaches including lecture, discussion, debate, games, laboratory visits, and hands-on activities.  They will meet with graduate students in the Neuroscience Graduate Program, as well as representatives from the Undergraduate Neuroscience Major to discuss career pathways in Neuroscience and how to be successful as they go through their undergraduate programs.
Additional information and application:  https://wexnermedical.osu.edu/neurological-institute/departments-and-centers/departments/department-of-neuroscience/outreach-and-events/explorations-in-neuroscience-summer-camp