Email Formats Have Changed at Bexley City Schools

Email addresses are changing for students and staff.
As part of our use of Google Apps for Education, staff and students will now be using and email addresses:

Staff email [email protected]
Student email [email protected]
(This separation will help reduce confusion and allow for fewer naming conflicts in the future) 

Some key facts:
-You can still e-mail any staff member’s old email address through the upcoming school year, however, they will likely be replying or sending to you from the new email address.
-Students will still have access to Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint on all our desktop and laptop computers.
Google Apps for Education
Last year, teachers were given access to Google Apps for Education as a year-long preparation for all staff and students to use Google Apps this fall. This suite of tools has many services, but the most commonly used apps include Google Docs, Drive, Gmail, and Calendar. This provides more flexibility for access and collaboration, and we are confident students will have a better experience with this access.