Bexley City Schools Adjusts Hybrid Plan

July 14, 2020 - We have known throughout the pandemic that additional information would regularly become available that would cause us to adjust and adapt our plans. As our task force work groups worked through the implementation of the proposed plans, it became clear the complexity of instruction and health needs of the hybrid model dictate slightly different needs for the classroom. These are needs that cannot be met with K-5 all-in.
The BCS Reopening Task Force met today and heard additional teacher input, along with that from experts like epidemiologists and health officials. In order to provide a high-quality Bexley educational experience, the hybrid model must adjust. Therefore, the hybrid model (red) will now be expanded so all K-12 students will attend school on an A/B group model. The A group will attend in person on Monday and Tuesday while the other group works from home. The B group will attend on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will be utilized for a variety of educational options. Principals and teachers along with central office staff have formed workgroups to finalize the details. We will continue to provide updates as the groups develop specific plans.
While we plan for our return to school, we are also keeping a close eye on the continued rise of COVID cases in our county and continuing to gather new input from epidemiologists and public health officials. We are fortunate to have a direct line to community experts, several of whom are also Bexley parents, and value their partnership.
We appreciate your flexibility as we continue to respond to the COVID crisis and plan for a safe opening for students and staff.We also appreciate the work of the Bexley City Schools Reopening Task Force. They will meet again on Thursday. The district update on their work will occur on Friday of this week (instead of our regular Thursday update).