BCS Reopening Task Force Update

The Reopening Task Force continues to work to create a safe and realistic plan for the 2020-2021 school year. The task force met for the second time last week. We broke into smaller groups to review data from staff, student, and parent surveys that were sent out during the week of May 25th.
We are grateful for the large response we received from our community. We had over  2000 responses from the surveys (190 staff, 690 students, and 1,200 parents). The survey responses provided excellent feedback and ideas; however, there are significantly different, and often contradictory,  opinions of how to return.  Therefore, the task force will have a great deal to consider before releasing the finalized plan.  The health and safety of our students and staff and the student learning experience are the most important components to consider in creating a  reopening plan.
We have been told that we would receive  guidance from local and state health agencies and the Ohio Department of Education before Bexley City Schools reopening plans are complete. However, nothing has been provided thus far.  Therefore, we have reviewed other states’ reopening plans to help guide our planning.
The task force meets again June 17, 2020. The entire administrative team met for two days this week also reviewing survey results and planning for a variety of return scenarios to share with the full task force at the next meeting. We will continue to discuss the survey responses and enter the next phases of planning. The plan for reopening is expected to be completed in July depending on changes in orders, guidance, or the overall status of the pandemic.
We recognize the importance of making local decisions, with our community and our facilities in mind, that are best for our students. The members are the Reopening Task Force are the following:  

Dr. Kimberly Pietsch Miller


Kyle Smith


Jill Abraham

Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Harley Williams

Director of Operations

Brad Pettit

Director of Technology

Tyler Trill

Public Information Officer

Susan Drake

Maryland Principal

Jeannine Hetzler

Cassingham Principal

Melissa Klosterman-Lando

Montrose Principal

Jason Caudill

Middle School Principal

Kristin Robbins

High School Principal

Sam McMasters

Director of Student Services

Leisan Smith

Director of Student & Community Engagement

Amy Dunn

Cassingham Teacher

Meghan Kroll

Maryland Teacher

Sherry Baugh

Montrose Teacher

Kim Ranft

Middle School Teacher

Kara Whitlatch

High School Teacher

Ben Pinciotti

Cassingham Teacher

Cindy Tyson

Montrose Nurse

Jason Evans

OAPSE President

Ed LaFollette

BSN, RN, CNOR, Clinical Manager of Surgical Services, Bexley Parent

Suellen Bennet

Epidemiologist, Bexley Parent

Jason Bumbico

IT Bexley Public Library, Bexley Parent

Dr. James MacDonald

MD, MPH, Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Family Medicine, Ohio State. College of Medicine, Nationwide Chidren's Hospital Division of Sports Medicine, Bexley HS/MS Team Physician, Bexley Parent

Erin Crilly

Organizational Strategist, Bexley Parent

Mike Price

Director of Bexley Parks and Recreation, Bexley Parent

Katie Sarvas

Director of Before and After Care, Summer Camp

Victoria Powers

Board of Education Member