Bexley E-Learning Academy Registration

The start of the school year is quickly approaching, and the district is planning to welcome all of our students back in a distance learning model.  We realize this time is uncertain for all of us, and each family has a unique set of circumstances and needs that may influence educational choices for the 2020-2021 school year.  It is our hope that most students will be able to engage with our district through the tiered learning plan approved by the Bexley School Board on August 4, 2020. That plan includes options for fully in-person, hybrid, and fully distance learning based on the health risks in our community at any given time.  But, for those students who are not able to return to campus with their classmates and teachers when that time arrives, Bexley City Schools is offering the Bexley e-Learning Academy utilizing courses provided by SchoolsPLP with a Bexley staff member serving as a case manager to monitor student engagement and progress through assigned lessons.

Learn more about the Bexley eLearning Academy here.

All students will begin the school year together in the distance learning model using Google Classroom or Canvas as previously communicated by your building principal.  Students who enroll in the Bexley e-Learning Academy will transition to the fully digital courses with SchoolsPLP when the rest of the district transitions from distance learning to hybrid learning, which, based on current plans, will occur no sooner than September 28. Families may choose to have their child move to instruction using SchoolsPLP in the Bexley e-Learning Academy sooner if they wish. Families who enroll their learner(s) in the Bexley e-Learning Academy will commit to that program for the first semester with the option to change to onsite or to continue with the e-Learning Academy for the second semester.

In order to prepare for student enrollment in the Bexley e-Learning Academy, we need families to indicate their intent to continue e-learning once students return to campus. Please complete the form below if you intend to have your student remain in e-learning even after the district brings students back on campus in a hybrid or full return model.  Do NOT complete this form if you plan on sending your student back to campus once buildings reopen.