Our Recommendation for All-In Learning

This Friday at 4:00 p.m. the Bexley Schools Board of Education will hold a special meeting to consider a plan and recommendation from the Bexley City Schools Evaluation Team to move to all-in learning beginning March 22, 2021, following Spring Break. 

It has always been the goal of the District and the Board of Education to increase contact time and consistency with students with an aim to return to all-in learning as soon as it was scientifically safe to do so for both students and staff. 

We are grateful for the expertise and advice of the epidemiologists and pediatricians on the Evaluation Team. This group has reviewed the District’s plan and has endorsed the recommendation to the Board of Education to return to all-in instruction.

Read the consensus statement from the epidemiologists and pediatricians on the BCS COVID-19 Evaluation Team.

We can assure you that we have been working diligently for months to prepare for this moment. We’ve re-measured classrooms to determine occupant capacity at different distancing levels, and considered creative uses of spaces should we have to move lunch. 

Our maintenance team has reassessed our HVAC and air filtration systems to ensure compliance with best practices. And our academic teams have considered possible schedule adjustments to mitigate large numbers of students in common areas throughout the day.

There are many moving parts, but we have been preparing for this new phase in which all-in learning could be possible. Soon our staff will be vaccinated and now we have new guidance on how schools can successfully mitigate the spread while resuming more normal operations. 

Some of the mitigation efforts the District plans to implement for all-in learning are:
  • Distancing of a minimum of 3 feet between students, and 6 feet whenever possible
  • A request that all staff and students double-mask
  • Frequent hand-washing and sanitizing throughout the day and extensive cleaning after each school day 
  • Re-configured bell schedule to reduce hallway crowding during classroom transitions
  • Students who are able to eat lunch safely at home are encouraged to do so to decrease time without masks in a larger setting
  • The District is also examining the use of other large areas such as gyms and outdoor spaces to increase seating options for lunch
  • Continued case investigation and contract tracing of every student and staff case
  • Continuation of all existing precautions for extracurricular activities (masking, 6’ spacing, practice pods, etc.)

BCS will also continue to offer the e-learning/SchoolsPLP option, although many of the additional opportunities currently offered such as allied arts or supplemental lessons with instructional coaches may not be available because staff will be engaged with all-in schedules. 

To make this transition smoothly, first, the Bexley Board of Education must approve the recommendation to change our learning modality to all-in person. If the board approves the resolution, an intent form will be sent to all families. 

It is critical that BCS knows each student’s plans. All families/guardians must complete this intent form to share your plans in regards to a return to all-in learning on March 22. Responses to the intent form would need to be submitted by Wednesday, February 24.

We know many families are curious about the work in progress to enable a safe all-in return to learning. We’ve begun creating an FAQ on our website (https://www.bexleyschools.org/AllIn.aspx), and we welcome your questions. Please submit any additional questions to [email protected]

Thank you for your continued partnership as we work together to bring our students and staff back to an all-in learning model this year.