Bexley City School District Provides Update Regarding Double Masking

The Bexley City Schools Evaluation Team met on Thursday evening and discussed "compulsory double-making or CDC equivalent thereof," which was adopted by the Board of Education on Friday, February 19, as a component of the resolution regarding the learning mode (All-In Person Learning) for the last quarter of the 2020/2021 Academic Year. 

The Evaluation Team reviewed several masking protocols and determined which options would provide protection equivalent or superior to double masking. The final options endorsed by the Evaluation Team and the District include:

  1. A disposable mask under a cloth mask.

Wearing two cloth masks together, or wearing two disposable masks together, does not provide an acceptable level of protection.

  1. A single 3-ply disposable or 3-ply cloth mask paired with a "mask fitter" (also called a mask brace).

A mask fitter is worn over, not under, the 3-ply mask.

  1. A single KN95 or N95 mask.

These masks can be challenging for children to wear.

  1. A single 3-ply mask made from non-woven, high-efficiency filter material
    To ensure all students and staff have access to a mask meeting the quality standards required under this option, the District intends to purchase this type of mask for all.

To assist families, the District will purchase two Bexley City Schools-branded 3-ply masks made from non-woven, high-efficiency filter material. These masks will be distributed on Tuesday, March 23, the students' first day back from Spring Break. Purchased masks will fit the definition and protection of option #4 above.

The District will use CARES Act Funds to purchase the masks. While each student will be issued two masks meeting the standards of option #4, families may elect, at their own cost, to purchase alternatives #1, #2, or #3 above as these are also compliant with the resolution's mandate. We are pleased to be able to offer a product that promotes unity and reflects our commitment to a healthy school environment.

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