Cub Reporter from Cassingham Grade Levels

Kindergarten News 

Kindergartners will spend the weeks before Thanksgiving break working on a new unit centered around How the World Works. We will focus our attention on TOYS and learn to use our five senses to draw, read, write, and measure like scientists. Our time in the library with Ms. Kuder will be spent doing research on the attributes of our toys to write a What Is It? book. Mr. Pinciotti will teach us how to use shapes to draw our toys in art. Mr. Manchester will help us to discover how instruments make sound, and we will make our own maracas to play musical pieces in music. We will take a field trip to the Columbus Symphony Orchestra on November 14.

In math, we will work on Numbers to Ten: Dots to Ten, Numbers to Ten, Five and Some More, and Composing and Decomposing Shapes in October. In November, we begin Bikes and Bugs: Double, Add & Subtract: Bicycle Doubles, Adding & Subtracting Ones, Add, Subtract & Double It!, and Put Them in Order.

1st Grade News 

In first grade, students have been learning "Who We Are".   Students have kicked off the year setting up classroom communities and focusing on being good friends.  Our summative assessment requires students to create a diagram of a good friend.  This allows students to personalize traits that are important to them.  We have lots to look forward to in our next unit, "How We Organize Ourselves."  Students will be taking a walking field trip throughout the Bexley community on Thursday, October 18.  This is all in preparation for presenting our own created communities, called Bexlandia, to the entire Cassingham Community at the December 7th  Cub Gathering!

2nd Grade News 

It's time to get healthy in second grade!  Through exploring our unit of inquiry: Who We Are, second graders are learning how personal choices impact our health and environment.  The students have investigated nutrition, safety, hygiene and disease prevention. We've even downward dogged our way to better balance with Lisa Evan, our resident yogi, and group yoga sessions!  Special thanks to the PTO for funding our yoga experience!

3rd Grade News 

Greetings Cassingham Families!  Grade three is moving through our most recent unit of inquiry: How We Organize Ourselves focused on aspects of local government organization and how communities organize themselves for the common good of its citizens.

To enrich our experiences, third graders participated in a mock city council hearing with our very own Mayor Kessler.  Mr. Kessler encouraged 3rd graders to take action by communicating their thoughts and ideas to Bexley City Council.

We followed up with another eye-opening experience visiting the Bishop Griffin community center.  The center helps folks in need of housing, clothing, food and employment.   Last month, this local organization provided about 15,000 meals for local individuals and families in need in our community.  

Third graders will reflect upon these experiences and will keep you posted regarding the action steps they inspired.   Stay tuned!

4th Grade News

4th graders are focusing their questioning minds on How the World Works; a study of land forms, weathering, and erosion will be supplemented by a visit to the Ohio State Geological Museum on October 11th. We also have been learning about the Branches of Government, culminating with a visit from Mayor Kessler.

Additionally, we’ve been studying the ways Tall Tales have explained events, phenomena and behaviors.  Students are creating their own Tall Tales, which will include elements of figurative language and land forms. And finally, we are focusing on how multiplication and measurement work through multiplicative strategies, deep thinking, linear measurement, volume and capacity. 

 5th Grade News

As the summative assessment for our Who We Are unit of inquiry, students created and shared a visual presentation about a health and wellness topic or a European explorer that they connected to and wanted to inquire about from our learning. 5th graders are doing a great job as Cub Cadets this year, leading the way as role models for the Cassingham community.  They have been giving one on one attention to our new Kindergarten students at lunch, recess, and in the classroom.  We are proud of our busy students for balancing all the commitments they have made to safety patrol, choir, theater, CCN, and student council.  It's going to be an exciting year with these 5th graders leading Cassingham!