Did you know that Bexley City Schools’ enrollment is increasing?

Over the past ten years, Bexley City School District has increased enrollment by 442 students.  The total enrollment at the end of the 2017-2018 school year was 2,372 students.  According to Future Think, a firm that analyzes data and provides enrollment projections to schools, we are expected to continue to grow over the next ten years.  Why?  The City of Bexley has increased by 565 people or approximately 4% over a five-year period.  That increase brings an increased number of students to our schools.  In fact, we are projected to grow by another 442 students in the next 9-10 years.  This growth is a great indicator of the attractiveness of our community and our schools.  However, it is already beginning to present a challenge as we seek classroom space for our students and address the additional costs associated with increased enrollment.  Enrollment growth does not just bring a need for increased staff (teaching, administrative, and custodial), but increased costs associated with supplies and assessment or testing costs.   We continue to watch our enrollment and are beginning to consider the ways that we can address the challenges and opportunities that growth presents.

Source: Future Think:  Ohio Facilities Construction Commission Report on Franklin County Enrollment Projections