January 14-18 Updates

Report Cards Available January 14th beginning at 8:00 AM

Accessing K-5 Report Cards (January)

Your child’s report card for Quarter 2 can be accessed in PowerSchool on Jan. 14, 2019. You can access PowerSchool from the district website: BexleySchools.org > click Find It Fast, then Parent & Student Portal. Select Students & Parents under the PowerSchool heading.

Directions for Viewing Grades

* Sign into your PowerSchool parent account.

* Click the Standards Grades tab.

* View grades by clicking the drown-down arrow next to each class, or click Expand All to view all classes at once.

* If comments are available, they can be viewed by licking the comment icon.

* To print a paper copy, click the printer icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

Marking System

The marking system consists of M (Mastery), D (Developing), E (Emerging), and IE (Insufficient Evidence). For more details for these progress indicators go to our school web page: BexleySchools.org > Maryland > Forms & Resources > K-5 Report Cards Information 2018-2019.

Creating an Account

If you have not created an account for any of your children in Bexley Schools, please contact the school office for information for how to do so. You will first need to create your PowerSchool parent account and then link your account to your child’s name (ID and access password provided by the district).

Our teachers spend a lot of time and effort to communicate your child’s progress through the report card.  Please be sure to access it and again, if you have difficulty please let us know and we will be happy to help.

Cassingham School Counselor Connection

January Mental Fitness Challenge

Keeping our brain in shape is just as important as physical fitness. Take the Nationwide Children’s Mental Fitness Challenge by completing one tip every weekday in January. Visit www.onoursleeves.org for mental health tips and information, and to sign up for the challenge.

Classroom Guidance Lessons-Emotion Management

During my bi-weekly classroom lessons students are learning to recognize strong feelings and use Calming-Down steps to stay in control. Students are learning proactive strategies to help prevent strong feelings from turning into negative behaviors. When intense feelings escalate, strong physiological reactions hamper children’s ability to reason and solve interpersonal and other problems without aggressions. The ability to keep strong emotions from escalating and driving behavior allows children the chance to employ many of the other skills taught during classroom guidance lessons, such as effective communication, assertiveness, negation and compromise, and problem solving.

Students with the skills to manage strong emotions such as anger, anxiety, embarrassment, and jealousy are more likely to: get along with peers and make good choices, cope with strong emotions and express them in socially acceptable ways, and, be successful in school.

Help your child practice these skills at home. Ask your child to anticipate when they might experience strong emotions. Notice and reinforce their ability to notice what’s going on in their bodies with specific feedback: “You seem really anxious right now. Where do you feel the feeling in your body?”. Model identifying physical clues to strong emotions in your own body. Remind your child to do the same. Have your child reflect on how thinking about their feelings helped them get back in control.

School Counseling Mini-Courses & Resources

A variety of mini courses in the School Counseling office are underway. I meet with all students new to Cassingham this year, as well as skill specific groups such as impulse control, emotion management, friendship, and social skills. Did you know I keep a resource library in my office for parent/student use? I also provide information about community resources on a variety of areas. If you have a question or a need, don’t hesitate to contact me.

School Counseling Intern

This semester, Zach Vallette is joining me in the School Counseling office. Mr. Vallette is a Capital University graduate student earning his M. Ed in School Counseling. He will be working with me during classroom guidance lessons, and in small groups. Read more about Mr. Vallette below.

My name is Zach Vallette. I am a graduate student at Capital University studying for a master’s degree in School Counseling, as well as a master’s in clinical counseling. This semester, I have privilege to be placed at Cassingham Elementary for my practicum experience. I am very excited to work with Erica Hecker in the School Counseling office. I am thrilled to be able to get to know the students and work with the staff at Cassingham. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to contact me at zvallette@capital.edu

Erica Hecker, Licensed Professional School Counselor Erica.hecker@bexleyschools.org

614-237-4266 ex. 2140