A Typical Day at Cassingham

A Typical Cassingham Day

According to Principal Jeannine Hetzler, "Students ask questions all day long.  Instruction is organized around inquiry-centered, transdisciplinary units of study inclusive of math, science, social studies, language arts, and health & wellness content areas."  
Cassingham students encounter I-Cubed time at least 4 times each week for 30 minutes; during these classroom-scheduled  times, each child is engaged in indidividualized, targeted instructional activities based upon their academic or social/emotional growth.  

The school doors open at 8:05AM with the student day starting at 8:15AM.  Students break from 11:35AM - 12:35PM for lunch and recess. During the lunch/recess hour students enjoy up to 40 minutes of outside, free play.  They return to class until dismissal at 3:00pm. Kindergarten students have an additional 15 minute recess in the morning and a 15 minute recess in the afternoon. Grades 1-3 usually enjoy an additional 15 minute recess break in the afternoon.    Students K-5, experience 70 minutes of art, physical education and general music instruction each week; spanish instruction occurs for 30 minutes each week.  For stutdents in grades 4 and 5, instrumental music opportunities in band and orchestra are available for 70 minutes each week.