Clubs & Organizations

Cassingham Clubs

Students may participate in a number of clubs each year at Cassingham Elementary.  Most clubs meet during lunch hours or after school.  Clubs are announced on Cassingham Cub News. 

Elementary Theatre
Ms. Rhinehart
This Bexley City Schools theatre program, for students in grades 1 through 5, produces drama workshops and a play each year. The workshops for grades 1 - 2 are intended to improve basic acting and social skills, foster creativity and creative learning, and help develop literacy. Trained high school student "staffers" work with the elementary students, playing theatre games, writing short skits, creating plays and enacting real theatre works. Students in grades 3-5 are involved in an elementary school musical produced in the fall and an elementary school play produced in the spring.  Elementary students have the opportunity to participate in crew as well.  The overall goal is to teach theatre basics in a fun, learning environment.

Mr. Manchester

Polar Bear Club
Mrs. Langolf

Running Club
Mrs. Fitzgerald

Student Council
Mrs. J. Clarke, Mrs. M. Clarke, Mrs. Fitzgerald
Student Council gives children experience in the functioning of democracy, for discussion and action upon school related topics, to sponsor projects, enabling them to view themselves as an integral working part of a larger community (city, county, state, country, the world) and to make positive suggestions for the school program. Student Council conducts regular meetings and
events throughout the year. 
Geography Bees
Dr. Bennett, Mrs. Guistolise, Mrs. Langolf, Mr. Schottner
Students study geography and prepare for the annual Cassingham Geography Bee competition. 
In the Know Junior
Mrs. Conrath, Mr. Schottner 
This is a quiz-bowl competition for grades 4-5.  It's like Team Jeopardy! 
Molly's Garden
Many Teachers
Students may come to Molly's Garden during their lunch/recess hour on select days during the first and fourth quarter of school to enjoy calm outdoor activities or a quiet place to read and reflect. 
Art Club
Mrs. J. Clarke
Art club is open to all grade levels!  We meet on select Thursdays at lunch from 11:35-12:05 in 2109.  The students will do various art activities each week! 
Reading Club
Mrs. Langolf & Mrs. Dunn 
Reading Club is silent reading in the library during the lunch hour.  Students head to the cafe to eat then may return the library during their recess time.  This is open to all grades.  Students must bring their own book.  This is not check out time in the library.
Mindfulness Club
Mrs. Hecker & Mrs. Pryor 
Essential oils, mindfulness videos, healthy conversations and a kumbaya kind of vibe are all a part of our work during the lunch hour. 
Computer Club
Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Kelly, & Ms. Lombardi
An opportunity to independently explore school appropriate websites/choice projects.  This is available on select Tuesday and Thursdays for grades 3-5, as well as select Wednesdays for grades K-2.
Maker Space
Ms. Kuder
Maker Space is a lunchtime activity offered to all students in Grades 1-5.  Each grade meets one day a week in one of their grade level classrooms.  Students may use Lego blocks or Keva planks for building, or they can use a variety of craft and recycled materials to make anything that appeals to them. (Parent volunteers are always welcome!) 
Math Olympiad 
Ms. Lombardi
Math Olympiad is a series of math contests for grades 3-4-5.  It takes place in Ms. Lombardi's room during lunch on select Tuesdays from October until March.