Career & College Planning

As part of the School Counseling Department model change for the 2021-2022 academic year (newsletter available HERE), the school counselors will provide support for students for the duration of their high school experience. A benefit of the new model is the counselor can help align any post high school goals and plans based on a past knowledge of the students experience while at Bexley High School.

Class of 2023 College Application Resources

For current seniors who are planning to apply / attend a college after graduation, the School Counselors have created a Senior Year Organizer & Resource Guide to support students and families navigate the application process. We strongly encourage students and families to download a copy of the document and use it as a to-do list of tasks to complete.

Presentations: for families who were unable to attend any informational nights, we have provided the presentation slides below:

Class of 2024 College Preparation & Planning

For current juniors who are planning to apply / attend a college or university after graduation, the School Counselors have provided the following reference documents:

The Welcome to the College Process as starting point for students to use as a working document with the early stages of planning for your senior year as well as your post high school plans.

The Post High School Planning Resources which includes presentation videos, supporting documents and a list of upcoming calendar events.

Transcript Requests

CURRENT STUDENTS: students applying to college using the Common App will need to link their account with their SchooLinks account. Once the accounts are linked, any school added to the Common App will automatically alert the School Counselors and Register that a transcript needs to be uploaded for a student's application

If a student is applying directly to a school (via the school's website or a portal that is specific to that school), students MUST contact their School Counselor to request any school-related documents to be sent or uploaded. Students can also see Mrs. Lynch in the main office for a print out of their unofficial transcript.
ALUMNI & FORMER STUDENTS: please complete the Transcript Release Form For Former Students and contact the BHS Registrar, Tracie Baum.