Academic Scheduling: Resources & Planning

Scheduling Information

Bexley High School offers a wide range of courses across many academic subject areas, which is very unique given the overall size of the student enrollment. The administration, teachers, school counselors and support staff are all committed to providing as many opportunities and supporting to all students throughout the high school experience.

Schedule Changes

Course Change Request Form request a change to the student’s existing schedule.
Parent / Guardian Course Recommendation Override Form request to override a teacher recommendation and enroll in a course above and beyond the student recommended.

Note: Change requests received after March 12, 2021 are required to follow a formal review process, which is outlined in the BHS Curriculum Handbook under Academic Planning. Please note that any change request after this date will not be reviewed until mid-July to determine if the change can be accommodated based on the master schedule.

Additional Resources

David Leland
Students with last names A - L
(614) 231-4591 ext 4190

Claudia Fugate and Sarah Schnell
Students with last names M - Z
(614) 231-4591 ext 4191