How We Support Our Students

Approaches to Learning (AtL)

Approaches to Learning (AtL) is a semester long course, graded on a pass/fail basis. An 80 percent constitutes passing and students receive 0.5 elective credit for the course. BHS identifies students who would benefit from the Approaches to Learning class through RtI team referral.

The class is individualized to the student's academic needs with the main focus on mastery of grade level standards in literacy and numeracy. In conjunction with this, students will also receive support in one or more of the following areas:
  • work completion
  • organization of materials
  • assessment preparation
  • daily student habits such as taking notes, using a planner, setting goals and advocating for oneself

Guided Learning Lunch

All students have access to their individual classroom teachers during the second half of lunch. This time may be utilized in a variety of ways: clarification of instruction, re-assessment, pre-teaching of upcoming topics, question/answer sessions, review for assessments, etc. This time may be scheduled with a teacher, or students may drop in during a teacher's specific open office hours.

Students who need assistance on day-to-day student habits of work completion may be assigned for 3-6 weeks with a content specific teacher (not necessarily their classroom teacher). During this time, a students' main task is completion of homework. Students may also be asked to check upcoming assignments, review for assessments, email parents weekly updates, etc. 

Students who struggle in multiple subject areas may be assigned to work with an executive function coach. All activities listed above may be involved, along with a strong focus on short term and long term organization across all courses.

For More Information

About Approaches to Learning & Guided Learning Lunch, contact:
Kristin Robbins
Assistant Principal
Bexley High School
326 South Cassingham Road
Bexley, Ohio   43209
(614) 231-4591 ext. 4199

English Resource Center (ERC)

The English Resource Center is a drop-in, appointment, and referral center for BHS students. The ERC supports students, helping them maximize their literacy and composition skills through enrichment. The ERC may also assist with interventions for students who struggle with basic literacy and composition skills.

World Languages Help

BHS World Language Office Hours

Monday - Thursday: second half of lunch
Magistra Grasso (Latin)
Profe Higgins (Spanish)
M. Kozy (French)
Señora Morris (Spanish)
Mme Wane (French)

By appointment:
Señora Zeman (Spanish)