How We Support Our Students

Teacher Office Hours

Teachers and departments are available to work with students from 7:35 - 8:20 am Tuesdays through Fridays. Students can utilize this time to meet with a teacher regarding homework questions, review for upcoming assessments, re-teaching of material they have questions on, or to work on assignments in a location where they can ask questions as needed. The current schedule of office hours by department is provided below:
Monday:      Math, Social Studies, World Languages, Special Services
Tuesday:      Science, English, World Languages
Thursday:    Math, Social Studies, Allied Arts, Fine Arts 
Friday:          Science, English, Allied Arts, Fine Arts, Special Services

Guided Learning Lunch

All students have access to their individual classroom teachers during the second half of lunch. This time may be utilized in a variety of ways: clarification of instruction, re-assessment, pre-teaching of upcoming topics, question/answer sessions, review for assessments, etc. This time may be scheduled with a teacher, or students may drop in during a teacher's specific open office hours.

Students who need assistance with day-to-day student skills or work completion may be assigned for 3-6 weeks with a content specific teacher (not necessarily their classroom teacher). During this time, a students' main task is completion of homework. Students may also be asked to check upcoming assignments, review for assessments, etc.

English Resource Center (ERC)

The English Resource Center (or ERC) is a drop-in, appointment, and referral center for BHS students. The ERC supports students, helping them maximize their literacy and composition skills through enrichment. The ERC may also assist with interventions for students who struggle with basic literacy and composition skills.
The ERC is located in room 4187, which is on the first floor of the main high school hallway and across from the College Counseling Center. 

Math Resource Center (MRC)

The  (MRC) is a new resource for the 2018-2019 academic year, serving as an extension of Math Help that has been available for many years and was traditionally available before the start of the school day. The MRC provides students with math content and subjects. Students can drop-in to review or ask questions about homework, prepare for upcoming assessments, or just to ask any general questions related to the student's math course(s).Math Resource Center
When & Where to access: The MRC is staffed during periods 1-6 of the academic day in room 4150 by a high school math teacher as well as student tutors (as needed). Room 4150 is located towards the back, left-hand side of the school library. Students needing MRC support during 7th period can do so in Mrs. Resnik‚Äôs room, 4247. 

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