School Counseling

The K-12 School Counseling Program aligns with the mission and vision of the Bexley City Schools. The K-12 program provides a comprehensive, developmental counseling program for students. The program is designed to help each student develop and enhance their academic, social/emotional, and college and career strengths in order to become responsible and productive citizens.

School Counselors respect the confidentiality of students, parents / guardians and staff members. As mandated reporters, disclosures of abuse and/or imminent danger to self or others will be reported to the appropriate agency in accordance with the law.

Mental Health Professionals

A team of Nationwide Children’s Hospital mental health professionals are available to help Bexley students K - 12, as supported by a grant from Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board of Franklin County (ADAMH). For more information or to seek a referral, please meet with your assigned school counselor or the Health Clinic.

School Counselors

David Leland
Students with last names A - E
(614) 231-4591 ext. 4190

Claudia Fugate
Students with last names F - Le
(614) 231-4591 ext. 4191

Stephanie Krosnosky
Students with last names Li - Ri
(614) 231-4591 ext. 4192

Sara Revetta
Students with last names Ro - Z
(614) 231-4591, ext. 4199

Sarah Lynch
Secretary & Registrar
(614) 231-4591 ext 4194 & 4193