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Mission and Vision | Success for Each Student

The K-12 School Counseling Program aligns with the mission and vision of the Bexley City Schools. The K- 12 program provides a comprehensive, developmental counseling program for students. The program is designed to help each student develop and enhance their academic, social/emotional, and college and career strengths in order to become responsible and productive citizens.

Schedule Changes

If you need to request a change in your child’s schedule, please use the 2023-2024 form. Schedule changes are not automatic.  You will be contacted by your child's school counselor to let you know the status of the request.

What can my school counselor do for me?

Bexley Middle School Counselors help all students in the areas of academic achievement, social/emotional development, and career readiness, ensuring today's students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow. Your access to a School Counselor is important to us.  

How does a child see the School Counselor?
  • Self-referral by student
  • Teacher referral
  • Parent/family referral
  • Administrative referral
  • RTI (Response to Intervention Team)
School Counseling Services:
  • Teaches regular guidance lessons in classrooms
  • Collaborates with teachers and families to help children develop academically, socially, and emotionally
  • Provides individual and small group counseling
  • Consults with parents and families regarding concerns
  • Provides information on community resources for families
  • Provides support during crisis
  • Promotes a positive and safe school climate
  • Is a visible, proactive, positive support for all students, staff, and families
Panorama is a social-emotional learning survey administered twice a year, in October and March, to all students in grades 4 through 12.  Surveys include two parts: a student skills component to measure internal skills that support student academic and personal success and an environment component to understand student perceptions about their school environment.  Collective results are used to plan programs to support personal development and to further build school climate.  Student-specific information can also be used to identify students who may be at risk and in need of further supports.  Score reports are not generated for this tool.  For more information about this survey, visit the PanoramaEd site.  For more information about how Panorama was adopted by Bexley Schools, the specific components of the survey, and how information is used, please click here.

In order to better understand the needs of our middle and high school students, students in grades 7 through 12 participate in the Ohio Healthy Youth Environments Survey -- OHYES!  The OHYES! is a tool designed by the Ohio Departments of Education, Health, and Mental Health and Addiction Services and numerous other programs advocating for youth.  Questions cover topics such as personal use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, feelings about their school and community, family and personal relationships, mental health and access to care, and health-related behaviors.  The survey is completely anonymous with only group summaries provided to the district for review.  The survey is administered electronically during the school day in late November or early December.  Individuals may opt out up until the day prior to the survey.  For more information, please see the links below:

Middle School Counselors

Middle School Counselor, Last Names A-K
(614) 237-4277 ext. 3132
Ms. Tara Louys
Middle School Counselor, Last Names L-Z
(614) 237-4277 ext. TBD

Grief and Trauma Resources

Community Resources

Parenting Resources

Student Resource Links
The following links will provide you with tools and strategies on a variety of topics.  If you are looking for tools and strategies on a topic not listed below, please reach out to Mrs. Busold or Mrs. Louys and we will help find that information!