Transition to Middle School

Welcome to BMS!

The transition from elementary to middle school can be a time of nervousness and anxiety. Most students have mixed emotions, so the BMS staff dedicates time and energy to help make it a smooth transition.  An important part of their development as students and citizens, this time is the first opportunity for students from all parts of Bexley to come together and form a community. The following information will help students and families with the transition. 

Spring Parent Information

This initial meeting is designed to help parents complete scheduling forms for their students and have an overview of the middle school.

General Transition Meeting: 

Student Services Meeting:

School Counselor Visits

Mrs. Louys & Mrs. Busold make visits to each fifth grade classroom to help answer questions that students have and help them have a better understanding of what the middle school is really like.

Spring Student Visit

Fifth grade students spend the morning at Bexley Middle School with their class. They get a tour of the building, hear from Mrs. Louys & Mrs. Busold about many of the opportunities and supports available and learn some tips for a successful transition to middle school. Eating lunch in the cafeteria and having recess on the athletic field are two of the highlights for students.

Standards-Based Grading

Bexley Schools use Standards-Based Grading for grades K-8. For more information, please check here BMS Standards-Based Grading Information

Summer Mailing

In July parents/guardians receive a letter confirming class requests and containing important information for the start of school. Courses are listed at this point, but not teachers or periods.  Parents/guardians notify the BMS office if incorrect requests are listed.

Schedule/ Supply Pickup

We will schedule a date before school starts for students to pick-up thier schedule, walk around the building and pick-up any pre-ordered supplies.  Vision checks & school pictures are also done at this time.  Memberships to PTO, Booster Organizations, & Athletic Lions Pride Passes can be purchased also.

Back to School Curriculum Night

Each September, BMS hosts parents/guardians so they can walk through their students' schedules and hear from each of their students' teachers.

Student Led Conferences

In October, all parents/guardians are invited to student-led conferences, where students share a portfolio from the first quarter and teachers are available to meet.

2023-2024 Rising 6th Grade Families

2023 5th Grade Parent Meeting (Student Services & Whole Grade)

Schedule Request Survey (Must be completed through student gmail account)

We encourage students and parents to discuss scheduling options together but the form must be submitted via the student school account.

Please view Course Descriptions HERE prior to making your selections.

The form outlines the most common scheduling scenarios - don't panic if you have a situation not outlined here. We likely have it documented but you can always double check with us.
Complete the Survey HERE

Extra-Curricular Activities

Starting in seventh grade, students may participate in athletics under the guidance of the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA). Bexley offers 16 teams across three seasons.  The district's middle school theater program for grades 6 - 8 produces a fall play and late winter musical, in addition to offering various other district theater activities.
Students who participate in athletics, theater, student council, extra-curricular activities with competition, or co-curricular programs with travel are subject to several policies governing participation. Students and parents should be aware of these:
  • Alcohol Use by Students/Students Drug Abuse (Board Policy JFCH/JFCI Located Under Board of Education) - This policy prohibits student use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco 24/7/365 both on and off campus. Students become BMS students the day after sixth grade ends and a violation of this policy over the summer can impact their eligibility the following fall. This policy balances education with discipline for students who violate the policy. Involvement in school activities reduces the likelihood that students will engage in risky behavior and keeping them involved through a violation makes them less likely to repeat. If a student needs help with a substance abuse problem, the district can provide confidential resources. Please contact any administrator or counselor for support.
  • Academic Integrity Policy (Board Policy JFCM) - This policy prohibits students from engaging in behaviors that give them or others the opportunity to obtain credit for work that is not their own. Students who commit a major offense (one that significantly impacts the content of the academic product or is a repeated violation) will become ineligible to participate for a period of time.
  • Academic Standards - To be academically eligible to participate, students must pass all classes in the previous quarter (starting with fall of seventh grade). When a student earns a "Insufficient Evidence (0)" in any class, but passes five others, he or she may apply for a eligibilty through the principal. Please see  for additional information.

    Extra Curricular Eligibility
  • School Attendance - All students are required to attend school for the entire school day in order to be eligible to participate in a contest or event that same day. Students who miss school due to a doctor's appointment will be allowed to participate with a note from the doctor. In addition, the building principal or athletic director may grant exceptions to this rule, based on review of individual cases and any extenuating circumstances.
More information
  • TDAP & Meningitis Booster - All students entering seventh grade must by law have these immunizations and we must exclude students who do not provide verification. Parents/guardians should talk to their pediatricians to obtain documentation; most doctors provide this vaccination during grades 5 - 6, so a student may have already had it. Verification can be submitted to the registered nurse at the elementary school.