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Class Trips

6th Grade - Outdoor Education

An annual outdoor education trip has been a tradition at Bexley Middle School for over 50 years. Outdoor education gives students a chance to connect what they have been learning in the classroom with hands-on experiences.

2022 Trip Dates: October 10-14

8th Grade - Washington, D.C.

Each spring the eighth grade students take a trip to Washington D.C. as a culmination of what they have learned in Social Studies during the year. A typical trip includes visits to Arlington Cemetery, Gettysburg, Smithsonian Museums, and various memorials. Students who wish to attend must make themselves aware of the trip guidelines, which include academic, behavioral, attendance and medical components.
Trip Coordinator: Jason Caudill 
Handbook p. 9-11 due by October 1 with initial deposit

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Bexley Schools values educational experiences outside of the classroom. We encourage and welcome all students to engage in activities and believe financial need should not be a barrier to full participation. If your family is in need of support, please contact any staff member.