Coach Philosophy

We will live by the core values of selfless, energy, and excellence to build a baseball program that will:
  1. Shape character, build confidence, and create leaders;
  2. Positively and significantly impact student athletes and help them to deal with and face adversity through the development of a culture of family, loyalty, and mental toughness;
  3. Develop and demonstrate the highest level of character, integrity, and discipline.
We will focus all of our energy on controllables based on the belief that we can only control the things that we can control. We will play the game one pitch at a time and compete with confidence. We will value process over outcome and trust our routines. We will build our program around strong fundamentals and an insistence on hustle and having fun.We will exhibit gratitude and understand that we don't have to practice or work hard. We get to. It's a privilege and we will be thankful for all we have. Baseball is one of our passions but it does not define who we are.
Core Covenants 
Selfless - We over me
We will put the needs of the team over the individual. We know that to achieve excellence, we must have every member of the program accepting his role and giving his all on and off the field. No one person is more important than the team. We will be great teammates. We will hold each other accountable and will provide support and encouragement to each other.

Energy - We understand that we need to have energy in everything we do. We will display great energy and enthusiasm in practice, games, and in life. Energy is contagious and is a controllable. 

Excellence - We will display excellence in everything we do. We will strive for excellence in the classroom, on the field, in the community, and at home. Excellence is an attitude. We understand that we can always control our attitude and effort. We will also devote extensive time and energy into developing excellence in the mental game.

Determination-  We will attack every activity with 100% effort and the belief that we will be successful and confident in doing so. 

Coach Contact

Bexley High School
Andrew Orlins, Varsity Head Coach
Brett Counts, Varsity Assistant Coach
Sam Thompson, Junior Varsity Coach

Bexley Middle School 
Scott James, 8th Grade Coach
Ben Jaffy, 7th Grade Coach

Head Coach Bio

This is Coach Orlins' 12th season as a Varsity Head Coach and his 3rd at Bexley High School. He played college baseball at Denison University. Coach Orlins lives in Worthington with his wife and two children.