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OSU Language Impairment in Children Study

If your child… 
Is between 5 years, 0 months & 6 years, 11months 
Has Language Impairment as a primary diagnosis  
Primarily speaks English  
Receives services through their school 
They may qualify to participate!
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Thurber House Writing Wizards Classes, Saturdays, Feb. 27-March 20, 2021

Writing classes for Gr. 2-8. Registration deadline is Feb. 19.
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Thurber House Young Writers' Studio Winter 2021,

This Winter/Spring, we are meeting online using Zoom until it is safe to return to in-person
workshops. Each session is $15 and can be paid online to receive the meeting login and password.
We also have financial scholarships available.  See attached flier for dates/times.
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Great Green Bexley Independent Study Challenge 2020-2021

Be a Captain Planet! An opportunity for students Gr. K-12.  
See attached flier and and go to:
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The Great Green Bexley Independent Study Challenge

Join Bexley's Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee in learning, planning, changing, and advocating for sustainable changes.
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Flier Guidelines

The Bexley City School District recognizes the value in notifying families and students about unique educational, intellectual, physical, and social opportunities that happen within our community. While, nothing requires a school district to allow businesses or organizations access to send material home with students, the Bexley City School District has created a "Virtual Backpack Flier Connection" on its website to offer this service. This service is not a public forum, and the District reserves the right to refuse to include a flier if it is not in the best interests of the school community or otherwise does not meet the District requirements.   

Additional Flier Connection Guidlines