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Virtual Coding Club-Classroom Antics

Virtual Coding Club is a fun, versatile way to learn coding in a social, after-school setting.  Ages 9+.
See attached flier for registration information.
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Online ACT Crash Course for High School students, Oct. 31, 2020, 1:00pm-5:30pm

Dr. Srinath Sampath from PrepAccelerator is offering a free, 4-hour rigorous and fast-paced crash course that focuses on problem-solving for all 4 sections of the ACT, plus the optional writing section. Students have utilized this course to improve their SAT performance as well.
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Central Ohio Rowing Registration 2020 Fall Season Starts Sept 14th

Choose from two programs: 

Competitive Novice - $600 for any 8th - 12th grade rower or coxswain that wants to compete 

Rec Program for 7th & 8th - $500 a 3 day-a-week non-competitive program that teaches rowing fundamental
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Ballet Met Soar on Saturdays

Free Six-Week Ballet classes via Zoom for ages 8-12. More +
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The Bexley City School District recognizes the value in notifying families and students about unique educational, intellectual, physical, and social opportunities that happen within our community. While, nothing requires a school district to allow businesses or organizations access to send material home with students, the Bexley City School District has created a "Virtual Backpack Flier Connection" on its website to offer this service. This service is not a public forum, and the District reserves the right to refuse to include a flier if it is not in the best interests of the school community or otherwise does not meet the District requirements.   

Additional Flier Connection Guidlines