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Finance Advisory Council

Bexley Schools utilize a Finance Advisory Council to assist the Treasurer by providing feedback on the financial health and operations of the district. In recent years, the Advisory Council played a critical role in guiding the district in making financial need (levy) determinations, monitoring the district’s cash balance or reserve policy, and conducting a semi-annual review of assumptions to its Five-Year Forecast. 



Volunteer members of the committee serve at the discretion of the Treasurer. Members of the committee are residents or employees of the school district who have aptitude in matters of finance, business, communication, or law. While there is no set number of members, membership fluctuates from 15-20 people. The Advisory Council also includes the superintendent and two Board of Education members who are appointed by the board president.

Anyone interested in applying to serve on the Finance Advisory Council should email their interest to Treasurer Kyle Smith at [email protected]



The council has two main functions that were re-established in 2018: 

  1. Education – To promote an understanding of public-school finance and to have up-to-date information regarding Bexley’s specific financial status. 
  2. Input – To provide input to the district administration and board on decision-making, including input on business/industry best practices, as well as review and input on the schools’ Five-Year Forecast.

The council meets at least semi-annually. Typically, there are no more than four meetings per year. 

For information, contact:
Kyle Smith