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Strategic Plan Recommends a District Facilities Plan

Bexley Schools’ strategic plan recommends developing a school district facilities plan.

To advice this goal, the plan states that the district will “initiate a master facilities planning process and establish channels for communicating ongoing feedback to address facility improvements.”

Action steps recommended by the Strategic Plan’s Facilities Subcommittee

F1.1 — Initiate a strategic and fiscally responsible process encompassing multiple actions with the goal of producing a master facilities plan.

F1.1a — Facilitate the selected pre-bond architecture firm to develop the Master Facilities Plan.

F1.1b — During the development of the Master Facilities Plan, learning community members will have the opportunity to provide input through focus-group sessions, covering topics including but not limited to environmental sustainability, restrooms access, cafeteria usage, extracurricular facilities, and other areas that have been identified during phase one of the strategic planning process.

F1.1c — After the initial draft of the Master Facilities Plan is complete, there will be a period for public comment.

F1.1d — Review the final Master Facilities Plan and input the public comment, then make any necessary adjustments.

F1.1e — Evaluate the plan, and budget, and advise the BOE and Superintendent on a funding schedule to support the completion of a master facilities plan.

F1.2 — Establish channels for providing community and school feedback on facilities to address evolving needs.

F1.2a — Generate a communication to the BCSD community soliciting feedback on facilities on a semi-annual basis.

F1.2b — Review feedback from the BCSD community twice per calendar year and determine priorities based on community feedback and priorities identified within the Master Facilities Plan.

F1.2c — On a semi-annual or annual basis, provide the staff with an update on major facilities improvements and/or planned construction in the BCSD.