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Culture Subcommittee
Jason Caudill, chair
Ana Adeli
Amelia Alhashimi
Brad Choyt
Mark Frank
Reece Goldman
Helma Groot
Lily Howes
Olivia Lybarger
Will Richardson
Ian Roy
Fae Sanfilippo
Darcy Schrimpf
AnnaSofia Severson
Lisa Viney
Kumi Walker

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Subcommittee
Marcelius Braxton, chair
Stacy Bell
Dionne Custer Edwards
Barb Gentille Green
Ella Hughes
Hope Ingram
Patrick King
Maya Murray
Jay Scott
Ilana Spector
George Tabit
Homa Tavangar
Kaia Woodford

Facilities Subcommittee
Harley Williams, chair
Skylar Blannin
Brad Choyt
Brent Foley
Andrew Hanna
Lily Jones
Karen Kelly
Adam Lewin
James McCann
Miles Redding
Michelle Rogers
Seth Rosenberg
Kyle Smith

Teaching & Learning Subcommittee
Casey Cosgray, chair
Heather Boughton
Evelyn Holzhall
Lisa Kelley
Jared Krempels
Caroline Kuiken
Kristen Oganowski
Will Richardson
Ajali Russell
Anna Schottenstein
Steve Shapiro
Meredith Stone
Andy Sutter
Alli Wiley