The Communications Office is responsible for developing, coordinating, and implementing internal and external communication and public information programs for the District. The Communications Office operates as a service department that benefits students, staff, and the community by generating support for district programs, achievements, and activities that help build confidence in public education. Services provided range from managing media relations with local, state, and national news outlets, communications counseling, producing internal and external publications, and providing media and customer service training and assistance to district administrators and staff.

The Communications Office is responsible for the following areas:

  • Community and Media Relations
  • Internal Communications
  • Print Communications
  • District & School Websites
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube)
  • E-Alert notifications (email and text)
  • Mass Media (TV, Radio, Print)

Parent Notification System

The Instant Connect automated system allows us to mass call or email those enrolled in the system for both calamity calls and informational calls. Every student in the district is automatically enrolled in this system. If you have a student in the district, you can add three additional numbers to the system so you receive messages on more than just the primary student phone number. To add additional numbers or opt out of being contacted, you will need to log into your PowerSchool account and select the Instant Connect icon in the Parent Portal. Bexley Schools encourages parents/guardians to ensure the district has their most current contact information in PowerSchool.  It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to keep this contact information up to date.


Only authorized school administrators may activate the notification system. All client information is confidential and secure and all data is password protected on secure servers accessible only by school administration. Each school's administrative assistant can answer questions about the notification system or assist in changing a home phone (primary) number.  Thank you for continuing to work with the District to remain informed and keep our schools safe.  

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