Special Education PTO

Special Education Parent Teacher Organization

The Special Education PTO (formerly known as SNPTO) is a valuable partner in meeting the needs of students with disabilities, holding regular board meetings, an annual general informational meeting and special events. Members of the group disseminate relevant information to parents, serve as mentors to parents of newly identified children and plan informational opportunities.   Parents/guardians of any Bexley students are invited to attend any Special Education PTO event.  

Regular meetings of the Special Education PTO are on the second Tuesday of each month (September- April, but not January) in the Cassingham Complex Community Room (326 South Cassingham Road) from 6:30 - 8:30pm. Previous topics include:
  • Update on bullying
  • Positive behavioral supports
  • Autism
  • Twice exceptionality
  • My child's rights to FAPE & a system for organizing records 
  • Services and supports


For More Information Contact:

Lauren Hanna   (click name to email) 
Special Education PTO, President