Parent Mentor Program

Bexley's Parent Mentor is available to support the families of children with special needs from ages three through high school graduation. The Parent Mentor project is funded by the Ohio Department of Education with additional funding from the Adam Stuart Linhart Foundation.

What does a Parent Mentor Do?

  • Guides families through the special education process and helps them understand their rights and responsibilities;
  • Listens and supports families and teachers on an individual basis;
  • Provide information and resources to families and schools . This includes education laws, district programs, and community services ;
  • Attend IEP meetings and other education-related meetings at parent or staff request;
  • Partners with the Special Education PTO (SEPTO) to organize information sessions for families;
  • Make resource materials available to families and teachers from the Adam Stuart Linhart Memorial Resource Library
All services are provided at no cost.

For More Information

The Bexley Parent Mentor Position is currently vacant
Please Contact Ciaira Warfield, Special Services Secretary for Assistance
614-237-4309 ext 3238