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The State of Ohio and Bexley Board of Education require that each student meet the minimum vaccine requirement in order to attend school. Full date (month/day/year) of each required vaccination must be on file no later than two weeks after the student has entered school. As required by Ohio law, a student may not be permitted to continue to attend school without this required information on file. Click here for the Franklin County Public Health clinics where students can receive immunizations. Required childhood immunizations are available for a fee of $15/shot to those without insurance; however, uninsured children will not be turned away due to the inability to pay for childhood immunizations. 

The following are the minimum vaccination requirements for the State of Ohio.
  • Five (5) doses of DPT (diphtheria, pertussis/whooping cough and tetanus) if the fourth dose of DPT immunization was given before the age of four.
  • Four (4) doses of polio immunization if the third polio immunization was given before the age of four.
  • Three (3) dose series of hepatitis B vaccine
  • Two (2) MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) immunizations.
  • Two (2) does of varicella vaccine prior to kindergarten entry.
  • One (1) dose Tdap grades 7-12.
  • One (1) dose meningococcal grades 7-9, 2nd dose grade 12.
  • A tuberculin test is required for all students new to the United States.
  • Only full doses of the above vaccines using proper intervals shall be counted as valid doses.