Student & Community Engagement

Student & Community Engagement


Bexley Schools maintains a focus on overall wellness, making sure that students thrive emotionally, psychologically and physically, as well as in academics. The District-Wide School Climate Committee, led by the Director of Student and Community Engagement, works to identify and mitigate non-academic barriers to success, such as drug and alcohol use, unhealthy school climate, poverty, mental health issues and a lack of supportive relationships with adults. Guideposts come from student surveys, such as the 40 Developmental Assets and Me and My World (for more info, click on "Resources" at right and below).

Because it takes a whole community to make sure that students grow up to be competent, caring adults, Bexley City Schools fosters partnerships among parents, educators, policymakers and community members.

School Climate Committee

Staff members at each of Bexley's five schools are committed to enhancing school climate and charged with researching and implementing programs that fit best with each school’s culture and community:  Charlyn Reggie and Emily Reiser at Montrose; Lisa Viney and Melanie Newman at Maryland; David Schottner  and Anita Wenning at Cassingham; Cliff Mason and Michelle Rowley-Welsch at Bexley Middle School; and Andrea Brownand Michelle Rogers at Bexley High School.

Mental Health Resource

A team of Nationwide Children’s Hospital mental health professionals is available to help Bexley students K - 12, supported by a grant from ADAMH (Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board of Franklin County). Two clinicians are based at the Cassingham Complex during regular school hours, handling workshops, drug and alcohol prevention education and other counseling duties.   For more information about this support or to seek a referral, see a school counselor, health clinic nurse or office staff member at the student's school.

Timely Resources

The following links provide information related to the district's new Gender Identity/Expression policy:
  • Kaleidoscope Youth Center is dedicated to supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth and their allies.
  • TransOhio provides services, education, support, and advocacy which promotes and improves the health, safety, and life experiences of the Ohio transgender individual and community.
  • GLSEN The mission of this organization is to "create safe and affirming schools for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.”
  • Gender Spectrum “helps to create gender sensitive and inclusive environments for all children and teens.”  

These resources can help parents/guardians talk with their children of all ages about violent events that have occurred across the country over the summer of 2016.


ADAMH Tip of the Month

The opiate epidemic in Ohio is a serious issue that must be addressed. Although it may be difficult to talk to your child about opiates, including prescription drugs, it is a necessary step in protecting them.

Start Talking!, a program aimed at preventing drug abuse among children, created a powerful video about the impact of prescription drugs on the community and how to help your children.

Suicide Prevention

Bexley Schools supports initiatives that promote and support a safe, welcoming and inclusive school community. It calls on students, parents and the greater community to participate as active contributors in a well environment for the growth, learning and success of all students. The district has presented the Signs of Suicide Prevention Program (SOS), the parent/guardian part of a school-based mental health program designed to help students identify signs of depression, self-injury, and suicide in themselves and others, and teach them how to respond effectively.
For more information, contact Leisan C. Smith, Bexley's Director Student and Community Engagement