Diversity, Inclusion, Equity

International/Multicultural Program

The district's programs in this area help to examine various techniques for creating an equitable learning climate for all students, regardless of culture, ethnicity, race, language, age, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, exceptionality, family style, social status, religion and belief systems by providing support to enhance the school community's understanding of cultures and perspectives.

Bexley's District Wide School Climate Committee awards grants to support projects and activities in this area.

Programs in 2016 - 2017

  • Bexley Middle School eighth graders will visit the Kelton House, historic home of Columbus abolitionists who were involved in the Underground Railroad and provided care and shelter for fugitive slaves.The students will tour the house as part of their trip to the King-Lincoln District and Martin Luther King Arts Center.  This experience will help students understand the events of the time, as well as the perspectives of the abolitionists working on the Underground Railroad and the people who escaped and fled slavery.
  • BMS seventh graders participate in a year-long project based on the book A Long Walk to Water about the conflict in South Sudan. Guest Bol Aweng, one of the "Lost Boys of Sudan" and co-founder of a health clinic in his native South Sudan, will meet with students to talk about his experiences.  His residency with student visual artists will guide them in expressing personal triumphs and tragedies through art.
  • Students enrolled in BHS's African-American History course will visit the National Freedom Center in Cincinnati to learn about the struggle for freedom -- economic, social and political -- in American history.

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MS Bol Aweng
Bol Aweng addressing BMS students