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Academic Programs

K-12 curriculum is aligned to state and national standards and to professional guidelines and industry standards. Curriculum is written to be relevant and to reflect the diversity of local, state, national, and global communities. Curriculum and instructional resources are reviewed according to a five-year cycle.

Instructional quality has important consequences for student learning and achievement and for readiness for post-secondary education and careers. Curriculum and instruction seeks to provide experiences that engage, equip and empower each student. District instructional goals and strategies ensure K-12 alignment and commitment to a supportive, relevant education for each student.

The district’s assessment system consists of both standardized and curriculum-based measures, which together provide insights for each student’s academic progress. In general, the assessment system:

  • Guides classroom instruction for re-teaching, review and environment.
  • Informs differentiated learning experiences based on student readiness with considerations for content, process, product, and learning environment.
  • Helps students to self-assess and set learning and achievement goals.
  • Benchmarks student achievement against local, state and national performance.
  • Meets requirements of Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee in kindergarten through third grade.
  • Identifies for giftedness in superior cognitive ability and creative thinking ability and in academic talents of mathematics and reading as required by Ohio law.
  • Assesses readiness for post-secondary education and careers.
  • Determines growth throughout the year and school years.

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